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HZ Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

1655 78TH ST FL 1

USDOT#: 3903874
MC#: MC-1439016

FMCSA Company Snapshot

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car transport review

5 reviews

    This scam of a site repeatedly used bait and switch tactics to get my business, and after repeatedly telling them NO they continued to list my vehicle multiple times at an inflated price, which was proven to me by other auto brokers, so another broker elsewhere wouldn’t pick up my vehicle; all the while calling and texting me nonstop for hours telling me “basically anything you’d want to hear” to get my initial deposit. RUN!

    I had to ship my car from Texas to California for the first time and was so nervous about it. I was looking around for a reliable auto Shipping company and came on HLL Express page and I am SO happy I did.
    The whole process was so smooth and convenient for me.
    I will use this company again and tell my friends to use them too when they want to ship their cars.
    Thank you HZ Auto Transport for taking care of my vehicle for a safe and affordable shipping. Most highly recommended!!!!

    My complaint sounds exactly like what happened to another customer on this page. Do NOT use HZ Auto Transport. I was quoted $615 to transport my son’s truck (who was coming back from college) from FL to CO. They promised they could pick it up before my son got on his flight on 6/2, I contacted them the week before to confirm everything was okay. They said I needed to wait until 24 hours before. So I called back exactly 24 hours before and was told the driver canceled (due to his wife going into labor, but was also told weather. so who knows..) But they could only find a driver for $1400. I understand how this process works now and that the driver gets the money but I feel like HZ lures you in (and gets the deposit and probably some moeny from the companies they contract with) with really low rates and then you’re stuck. So now my son is on an airplane and his truck is sitting in Florida. The contract I signed stated that due to driver demand and routes that the fee could rise up to 25% more. I also specifically asked Jerry Williams, the broker, directly if the price could go up once they find a driver and he stated, “sometime prices fluctuated that would be like $20-$30 depending about route or vehicle inoperability. but we quote you realtime driver market pay no problem.” (this email is on page 2 of the attached document) I was told by another company that the quote was false that no driver would have accepted that low of a rate. I have an email from HZ stating that it was “their” driver. Then another contradictory email stating that it was someone who picked up the job. HZ put me on a 3 way call with a driver and when I told them that they had quoted me $615, the HZ Representative hushed me and told me I couldn’t say that. They refunded my deposit but since it was so late, I am stuck with my truck in a different state. Their business practices are deceptive and illegal.
    The consumer provided the following when submitting the Complaint to BBB

    This company is under the same USDOT# as G&L Auto Transport, which is a scam operation. Do not answer the email of anyone affiliated with this company.

      that’s not truth this person is lying HZ Auto Transport Services LLC USDOT# 3938859 which is 1 year plus old and the second company mentioner’s USDOT# 3903874 & MC# 1439016 and this one is more older then 2 years , so now see this person is mixing 2 companies who have their own identification and License

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