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Dispute a Review

To dispute a review:
STEP 1: REQUIRED Add the following code to your website homepage to link to our site. ANY REQUESTS FAILING TO ADD OUR LINK WILL BE IGNORED.

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STEP 2: Click “reply” under the specific review. Enter a valid email and enter one of the following:

  • 01. Not your customer
  • 02. Fraudulent review
  • 03. Reimbursed customer
  • 04. Other – Explain

The review process
You may dispute a review for the following reasons:

  • 01. Not your customer
  • 02. Fraudulent review
  • 03. If you have reimbursed the customer

Upon verifying you have added our link to your website, we will email the customer. The customer has (10) business days to respond. If the customer responds that they are happy, or does not respond at all the review will be removed. For our time we require that you link to our site.