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Ace Auto Freight Logistics

1.0 Stars out of 5

AKA American Auto Dispatch

USDOT#: 4024664
MC#: MC-1518956

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car transport review

13 reviews

    They’ve been proven to be a scam. Any positive review you find about them are from fake accounts they make themselves. It’s been proven they’re based out of India and pull classic bait n switches do not use this company.

    this company is horrible
    davvis and his manager are liars
    they promised me a pickip day and the day came and went and then sam told me the driver wasnt coming because he was hungover
    they then refused to refund my deposit

    These guys are running a classic bait and switch scam, claim to get you a low price, only to have the original person you talked to disappear (I was told she was suddenly on medical leave) and then the new person says oh the price is much higher… there was a mistake. Do not give them your business report them to BBB.

    So glad I found this site, this company is not one of the Top 7 worst companies but I decided not to contract with them because of the reviews in this site. I found other negative reviews with other transport review sites. I had a gut feeling as ACE would not send me a copy of their contract to read before contracting with them, they would not send a picture of the actual transport truck and flatbed that per their website suggests can be done by a consumer, they wanted all my information as to name, location of vehicle etc before they would help me with my questions. I feared my deposit would be taken and service not provided and per the reviews I also feared company would increase the rates etc. I will look at the Top Best Transport Service recommendations per Car Transport Review.

    Great sales pitch. Signed a contract with a fair price then they came back to 5 days later when had to leave the auction storage with with price more than doubled. Then when car gets delivered another $50 was added on to the new contract price. Avoid this company at all costs.

    I would like to file a serious complaint against Ace Auto Freight Logistics Inc. The employees of this company have repeatedly threatened me to delete my reviews on this website and intimidated customers to delete unsatisfactory reviews. Because the company has not yet refunded me my deposit or provided me with any service. At one point, “Annie” threatened me and threatened me to delete all malicious comments or I would not get my deposit back. However, I did not want to do this because I do not want any customers to be fooled and threatened and scammed. I want to tell everyone through my personal experience to stay away from this company or you will lose your car and your money. If you don’t return my deposit to me, I will not stop writing bad reviews and I will let everyone know the ugly face of your company.

    After experience with this company, this company is full of fraud. They entice you to sign a contract with a very low price and a $200 deposit. Then claimed that the driver could not arrive on time at the appointed time and added an additional charge of $1,400. When my car can’t be shipped on time, I want to get a refund. They procrastinate and don’t return any calls. Bottom line: This company doesn’t have any integrity, and service deteriorates after you pay for it. My deposit has not been returned until now, and they claim that they will not give me any reply or refund.

      Same happened to me…. WOW this company is a scam. How do we bring them down. I am determined to do that

        they just got me
        told me the driver couldnt come because he was hing over and refuse to refund my deposit
        so a bad review every say til
        they do

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