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Delta Auto Dispatch

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3996132
MC#: MC-1501222

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car transport review

14 reviews

    I would give zero stars if possible, this company is a total scam operating in hopes that they will be able to secure and keep deposits without providing any service.

    *****Do Not Use Them******

    Better Business Bureau have this company an “F” rating.
    Don’t do business with this company. Steve lies through his teeth

    Bait & Switch with a $200 deposit
    Waited last minute like most do to raise the price. REPORT THEM! Carship should not be more than $700……. If outsource people are calling you don’t move forward. The worst part is you can’t find anyone directly when it comes to carship.

    Contracted price $825 turned into $1645 . BAIT and SWITCH . Trying to get BBB to shut them down. Don’t fall fro their excuses on why they have a few ((((( its actually a ton ))) bad reviews. If speaking to Steve James – hang up or hide your wallet . I am thinking about suing to put them out of business

    Terrible service – a contracted move priced at $860 turned into $1600.
    Do not trust this business. – it’s a con job and you can’t trust what they say or you contracted for. Going to the Better Business Bureau to get them shut down.
    Scum business practice

    I had a written signed Order to transport my car from Florida to Pennsylvania for $440. I gave a $100 deposit. At time of pick up I was told I owed an additional $880. When I refused the excessive increase I lost my $100.
    Do not trust this company.

    This is by far the worst experience I have had with any company. It started with a very low price that escalated to double the quoted price in the contract. When I refused Allen said don’t worry, I will find you a good price. A week later he calls and tells me he found a driver for 1900 dollars. Way above the quote, but I agreed. Allen asked for a 200-dollar fuel transfer fee, and promised a driver would show up at my door the following Monday. No driver ever showed up. What is worse they will not refund my 200-dollar Venmo payment, saying they have tried, which is total bull. After 2 more weeks of lies and promises from this company, I flew back to California and drove it back myself.

    These people are not to be trusted.

    Original qoute was for 1200 to transport my 02 Mustang from California to Maine. They tried to bait and switch for 3900 several times.

      Agree 100% – Not to be trusted. A written contract signed by both parties should be enforced. They scam clients at the very last minute when the car is suppose to be picked up. I had multiple texts and emails stating everything was fine. At the end of the day I was held hostage and forced to pay 2x the price.

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