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USA Carship

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USDOT#: 3733911
MC#: MC-1319140

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3 reviews

    I have been attempting to get my car shipped. Speaking to James. Promised to get me name of driver. Days have passed and am chasing home down. Today is suppose to be pickup day and still no driver. I am keeping my fingers crossed

    This is a Very Horrible Company. At the time of This Writing I don’t know if My Car have Been stolen or lost. I haven’t been able to get in contact with the Driver. I needed My Car Moved from FL to MD. James contacted Me and promised to move My car with no problem and asked Me to pay a down payment I said no I will pay Full COD because I already know how that works, there’s absolutely no incentive for anyone to be eager provide you service after you pay them especially when they are hundreds/thousands of Miles away from you. So after James pressure campaign didn’t work. He claimed that he will pay the Driver the Booking Fee for Me. (Mind you I ship cars all the time and I’ve always made the Shoppers know upfront that I will only Pay when the car is delivered, if they agree them We can proceed or not we won’t) So, James sent Me this company at first Driver’s details.
    “Carrier: GMV Logistics Inc
    Contact: Olga Madrevica
    Phone: (445) 888-0104
    Carrier: Email
    Driver’s contact: (667) 225-0723″
    Then later texts Me back saying that the company refused to pick up because it’s accidented (It’s a Copart, More than Likely it will be accidented, However they Car Runs and Drive,
    So not really sure why they would turn it down) So at this Point My Senses are already Tickling and something is Telling Me that something isn’t right with these guys. So he then Later sent Me this company saying “This driver is picking up the vehicle now.
    Carrier: O S TRUCKING LLC
    Contact: Marie Gil
    Phone: (443) 837-8356 Carrier:
    Driver’s contact: (667) 225-0723″

    Notice it’s still the same driver phone (with no mane) in both cases, even though it’s supposed to be a different company.
    Okay at this point, My 1st instinct was to call the dispatch and driver to find out what going on if and when they’re going to pick up My car. Did you know I Called all those phone numbers and no one answered? I called again and Again and noone is answering the phone or calling Me back (this is during business hours) what kind of company is that??
    At this Point I’m seriously starting to get worried, I called and texted the So called No Name Driver, as you guessed it, No Answer and no Reply Text. After about the 2nd called My calls would no longer go through as soon as I dial the driver’s number I will immediately get a Dead Dial Tone. At this point I’m starting to physically panic because I was tracking the Updates on Copart and it Said that the Vehicle have been picked up but I can’t get in touch with the Driver or their Dispatcher. After about 30Mins a Text came from the Driver’s Number Saying “Please Cancel”. I asked Why? But not further Response. I called and Texted James to find out what’s going on he assured Me that My Car have been picked up but yet I have no way to verify who or what Company that puts cked it up. Yesterday James asked Me to call him, I did and he started ‘Sir your vehicle was picked up yesterday,… ” And I Knew he was about to ask Me for Money I So I quickly asked He “So where’s the Proof? Because I had previously asked Him to send Me a picture when the car was Picked up, James said Sure sir I will get the Driver to send you a Picture and hangs up, I never heard from him again. At the time I’m writing this, I haven’t seen My Car, I Haven’t Heard from Driver or James. I don’t know why I’m having a feeling that My Car have been stolen. And not really sure where to go from here. I will be contacting Copart tomorrow hopefully they will give Me more info on the Company that picked up My car and hopefully get some names. I am beyond Worried. I’m going to ship another car I will make sure to not respond to any company call USA Carship inc.

    This experience was beyond horrific. Frank blew up my phone about ten times daily with back-to-back phone calls. When I was finally able to answer his calls, he explained the process through which I had genuine concerns, but he assured me that the contractual language is simply an industry standard and that if the price increased, it would be no more than $30 to $50. Against my better judgment, due to time constraints, I agreed to have USA CarShip get my son’s car transported. I explained that the pick-up date was flexible, but the drop-off date was firm since my son was being dropped off at his college campus, and we were flying in and needed the car. “All good,” said Frank. “That will not be a problem; I have many drivers for that route.” The reviews on many other sites coincide with this so far. On the scheduled pick-up day, I received a call from Frank letting me know we have a driver, and the pick-up and delivery are all set, except now the price has more than tripled from the original quote; again, this is in perfect alignment with other reviews. I explained my displeasure, and Frank transferred me to his manager, who was, too, less than helpful, trying to pressure me to pay three times the original quote. Not budging nor entertaining this unprofessionalism, they found a driver that was still higher than the quote but not 300% more; however, the car was picked up a day later, and no guarantee of on-time delivery. Once the driver contacted me, things went smoothly; he, too, expressed his displeasure with this broker. In the end, the driver said he would do all that he could to get the car to us on time; it was a bit late, but they did a good job, vise 8:00 AM we got it and 11:00 PM, forcing us to get a rental vehicle for the day which we were hoping not to do. This was no fault of the driver, simply the poor service from USA CarShip and what appears to be their bait-and-switch tactics to get more money when the pressure is on the customer. Dealing with Frank was a horrific experience that I would wish on nobody. I would not recommend this company for any shipment for any reason. Rest assured, whatever quote you receive will be higher, so plan for that. Look at the many other sites and read the bad reviews; they speak volumes.

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