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Eden Transport Solutions

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 4017959
MC#: MC-1514694

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car transport review

7 reviews

    Auto Haurlz!!! Big time scammers!! I did a deposit of $200. Plans changed decided to cancel transport. Anthony Hopkins (fake name) asked for $100 cancellation fee. Never received my deposit it’s been 2 months now. He has avoided all calls and texts. $300 down the drain. Big disappointment! Never again! Lesson learned! Double check on companies make sure they’re legit!

    Auto Haulrz (aka Eden Transport Solutions) is a scam. Give you a low quote, take your deposit. Driver vehicle is broken down, 2x or 3x (in my case) for a different driver to deliver my vehicle. Never received my deposit back and never picked up my vehicle.

    2013 Kia Soul
    Highland Ranch, CO to Jamaica, NY
    Quoted $450
    Deposit of $140
    George (972-635-4093)

    Scammers!!! DO Not Fall for it!!!

    I am disabled and needed my car transported from Georgia to Boston MA. Rayan Hopkins assured me they were legit and took my $100 deposit. Total was $450. Never came to get my vehicle. Said they’d refund it. Threatened me to take down my Venmo review before they did and still have not… ALSO NEVER PAY THROUGH VENMO, CASH APP OR ANY THING OTHER THAN A BANK ACCOUNT OR CREDIT CARD SOMYOU CAN GET THE CHARGE REVERSED

    Do not use this company!!!! They are fraud and scammers. I had scheduled a pick up date for my car to get delivered. They never responded to my calls and they never came on the requested delivery date. I had to ask multiple times for a contract. To confirm booking they required $150 deposit. They never picked up my vehicle because they said that their truck was needing repairs. I demanded a refund and they have not sent or initiated a refund. I have been trying to call no one is responding.

    DO NOT use this company!!! Liar, liar, liar!!! They would give you a very low quote, and tell you that the driver will pick up your car on a certain day. Then right before the scheduled pickup day, they will call you and hike up the price. I first booked the pickup with Eden transportation, they charged me the deposit. Right before the pickup day, they told me that I had to pay more in order to have a driver. First I asked them to cancel the contract and refund my money which they did. But then I was in contact with the their agent again, and guy was swearing and made promises that a driver will show up the very next day if I pay just a couple of hundreds more. I was in a hurry to ship the car, so I took up the offer, and agreed to a higher cost contract. However, I waited the whole day, no driver ever showed up. Then Eden transportation was saying they could find me another driver for a week later. I immediately demanded refund of my deposit, and cancelled my contract with them. Guess what? They refunded me $5 less of my original deposit, saying it was for the fee?? I don’t really care about that $5, but I can’t believe that a company would go this low to cheat money out their customer. I have all the text messages, emails and phone records, I will turn these over to the BBB. A liar cheating company like Eden Transportation Solutions shouldn’t be even in business. Be aware of this company, if you don’t want to waste your time and money, don’t make the mistakes like I did.

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