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Instant Car Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3935742
MC#: MC-1460116

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5 reviews

    I would give this company zero stars if it were possible. They took advantage of my unfamiliarity with the relocation process and scammed me out of $150 by requiring upfront payment. Despite multiple calls, they failed to deliver on their promise and even suggested a refund if I canceled within 24 hours or if they were unable to provide a driver. However, the next day, the driver they had promised never showed up, and they tried to charge me a much higher fee with a new driver. This company contacted me for their services, but now, they won’t even respond when I try to reach out to a supervisor to rectify the situation. This company is a complete fraud, and I warn others to be cautious and avoid doing any business with them.

    Avoid this “company” at all costs. They have proven to be untrustworthy scammers. Despite paying a $330 deposit and confirming the pickup date multiple times, they postponed it by 10 more days on the day of pickup. When I requested my deposit back, they stopped responding altogether. While their prices may seem tempting and they require payment upon delivery, this is simply a fa├žade as they never follow through on their pickup commitments. Moreover, they use tactics that prevent you from acquiring a refund through your bank. It seems they are profiting at our expense. Don’t be a victim, stay clear of this “company.”

    Avoid using this particular shipper as they lack any form of customer service. Despite providing a number of contact options, none of them seem to be functional. After making a deposit, the phone number that I had previously used to contact them suddenly became unreachable. Additionally, when attempting to send a message through their website, an error message appeared, instructing me to contact the web administrator. It’s frustrating that this unreliable company taints the reputation of all legitimate shippers.

    The business in question is disreputable. They offered me a price of $700 that was below market value and claimed to have access to numerous carriers who could transport my goods at that price. However, upon receiving a shipping invoice, it became clear that I would be required to put down a $150 deposit, followed by $550 upon delivery. The business insisted that I pay the deposit via a specific payment method, promising to reveal the carrier information once I did so. But instead of providing the carrier details, they made excuses about truck breakdowns and attempted to charge me an additional $250. They failed to honor the original agreement or return my deposit, leading me to advise others to avoid doing business with this dishonest company.

    I had a terrible experience with Instant Car Shipping. They are an absolute scam and I would warn anyone against doing business with them. Not only did they fail to ship my vehicle as promised, but their customer service was terrible and left me feeling deceived.

    My initial contact was with Khurram Ilyas, who seemed very friendly and knowledgeable about vehicle shipping. I was told that my car would be picked up within a few days and delivered promptly to my destination. I provided all the necessary information and my deposit was taken promptly. However, things began to fall apart from there.

    Days went by and there was still no communication from the company. I tried to reach out to Khurram, but he was suddenly difficult to reach. When I finally got a hold of him, he kept giving me excuses and assuring me that everything was still on schedule. But it soon became clear that my car was not going to be shipped as promised.

    The company then tried to pressure me into paying more money in order to have my car shipped sooner. I refused, as I felt ripped off and swindled by their tactics. My car ended up stranded at my original location for weeks before I could find a more reliable company to transport it.

    To add insult to injury, Khurram Ilyas and the rest of the Instant Car Shipping team refused to refund my deposit despite their failure to deliver their promised service. This whole experience has left me feeling angry and disillusioned. I would warn other potential customers to avoid this company at all costs.

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