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Bold Auto Transport

2.0 Stars out of 5

325 N ST PAUL STREET ST 3100-3425
DALLAS, TX 75201

USDOT#: 3775668
MC#: MC-1349681

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car transport review

4 reviews

    I had an excellent experience when I decided to ship my car from New Jersey to California with this particular agent. They offered me a price that was fair and reasonable, not the lowest or the highest, but one that I was satisfied with considering their impressive track record. Throughout the entire process, Ted, the agent, personally communicated with me, addressing all of my inquiries and accommodating my specific requirements. If I ever find myself needing to ship my car again in the future, I would gladly return to them without hesitation.

    If I could give this company zero stars, I would. I have had a nightmare of a time with them. It all started last week. I was given a quote and guarantee if I booked that day, they would have a transport by the time I needed it picked up (4 days from right then). I understood that it’s a 1-5 day window. All good I understood. What I didn’t know I would be getting myself into was an unethical, lying company who claimed they were communicating with me, but were in fact forced to speak to me and not give me any updates on their own. I called multiple times for updates, each time told that they would have a driver, they were in the end negotiations with a driver, and so on. Today (the date of my pickup) I have to call and be told that they don’t have a driver, nor do they even have anyone bidding. I signed papers (electronically) and was promised a service. They have my card on file. They did not deliver on their promises. Choice words were had, but once I was able to talk to someone and they finally told me the truth, they had found a driver, but it would be pickup in three days for $500 more than what I was quoted. I was absolutely scammed and on top of that, Adam gaslit me. Please do not use this company. They only have empty promises, drivers don’t want to work with the company, and I am now using Montway who has been absolutely wonderful. Stay very far away.

    I shipped my car for the first time ever with Bold Auto Transport. I was so scared but the gentleman that I talked(Ted) explained me the whole process, and I went with it. My dad wanted to talk to him and he also replied all his questions he was really professional. I got multiple quotes between $1400 and $1950 and they were the cheapest auto transport company. They picked up my Camaro from my hometown Fredericksburg , and delivered to my dormitory at ASU. The dispatcher kept me updated and driver was very professional. I would definitely ship my car again with them. 10/10

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