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Keep Moving Logistics

1.0 Stars out of 5

7901 4TH ST N STE 202

USDOT#: 4001271
MC#: MC-1503887

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5 reviews

    Keep Moving Logistics LLC don’t have business ethics. They are just a cheating organization.

    They always taking advantage from the client after signing the agreement. They have some closes into the agreement and try to suck money from the client using those closes. Three weeks before my spouse signed the agreement and deposited xx amount. Before picking up cars, they Jumped the price 75% which is unethical. So, my suggestion is not to deal any kind of activity with this Keep Moving Logistics.

    Bait and switch at its best. Offered am unbelievable price $825. Got my deposit then changed price 29% to $1349. Refused to return my deposit. He was rude at first until I said I was a federal agent investigating his company. Now he’s haggling…

    I was looking for a company to transport a car from a different state, and Michael provided an estimate of $200. The price seemed reasonable, so I agreed to proceed and signed the contract, paying a $100 deposit. Michael assured me that if I wasn’t satisfied with the final price, he would provide a full refund. However, after signing the contract and making the payment, he suddenly claimed that the amount due was $475, which was more than double the initial estimate. I felt scammed and requested a refund of the deposit. Michael initially offered to return $50, claiming he had incurred some expenses. When I insisted on a full refund, he reduced it to $25. Despite his earlier assurance of a full refund, I was unable to get my money back. I no longer wanted to deal with this dishonest person and told him I no longer needed the transport service. He then claimed there was a $200 cancellation fee. It’s clear he’s a scammer. He lures you in with a low estimate, asks for a deposit when you sign the contract, and later demands a much higher amount. Other brokers charge a $50 deposit, mentioned in the contract, charged when pickup is scheduled, and the remaining amount is paid in cash to the driver upon delivery and charge But Michael only listed the initial estimate in the contract and sent a separate email invoice for the $100 deposit, which he immediately charged. He’s definitely different from other brokers. Don’t fall for his cheap offers, as the final price will be significantly different. Once you pay the deposit, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back. Michael, you should take responsibility for your actions and reconsider how you live your life. Deceiving people in this way is unacceptable. The $100 you took from me meant a lot to me, and I regret falling for your deceit. I hope that other people won’t fall for your deceit.

      We would like to emphasize that our company is committed to providing transparent and reliable services. We understand your frustration, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Please allow us to clarify a few points based on the information provided in your complaint:

      Initial Estimate: The initial estimate of $200 that was provided to you was based on the information available at that time. While we strive to ensure our estimates are as accurate as possible, factors such as route changes, fuel costs, and other logistical considerations can sometimes result in adjustments to the final cost.

      Contract and Communication: We take pride in our commitment to open and honest communication. All terms and conditions, including pricing details, are outlined in the contract that you signed. Our intention is never to deceive our customers, and we apologize if there was any misunderstanding or miscommunication regarding the pricing structure.

      Deposit and Refund Policy: We regret any confusion surrounding the refund of your deposit. Please note that our refund policy is designed to ensure fairness and protect both parties’ interests. Given that you have already received our services, we are unable to offer a refund for the deposit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Cancellation Fee: We understand your concerns about the cancellation fee. This fee is in place to cover administrative and logistical costs associated with the booking process. We apologize if the fee seemed excessive, and we will review our policies to ensure they are clear and reasonable.

      We want to assure you that our priority is customer satisfaction, and we are taking your feedback seriously. We continually strive to improve our processes and policies to provide the best possible service to our clients. We regret that your experience did not meet your expectations and would like to express our genuine apologies.

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