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Capstone Auto Trans

1.5 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3885542
MC#: MC-1426875

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15 reviews

    Capstone Transport is a scam company. They give you a low estimate, take a deposit but on the day the vehicle is supposed to be picked up, the call and say the driver is too far away to pick it up and they told us they needed another $1200. The original quote was $630. I put a dispute on my credit card on the deposit, put in a complaint to the BBB and to the Texas Attorney General’s office. Everyone who has been burned by this company should put in a complaint to the Texas Attorney General, we need to stop this scam company!

    Hire to haul a truck for me. Paid a down payment of 150.00 tru cash app. The driver called said he broke down and company never picked truck up and never returned my money. Do not hire them. They probably don’t even have a company it’s a scam.

    Run away from that company!

    On September 18 I signed a contract and paid $200 for Capstone Auto Trans Inc. to ship my vehicle from FL to NC.
    The vehicle was picked up by a carrier company they hired on September 20 and should have been delivered on September 21st.
    After that my nightmare started. A guy named Christopher was always telling me my vehicle would be delivered every 2 days and would always come up with an excuse that the delivery was late.
    After 30 days he said the carrier company was ghosting them and they had no idea where the vehicle was but he kept promising me the vehicle would be delivered every 2 days.
    One week after that (37 days) they found my vehicle being held in a storage and the storage wouldn’t give us permission to pick up the vehicle because they needed the authorization of the truck driver (Jay) who left the vehicle there. No one was able to reach him.
    After that another guy from Capstone (Ethan) started to talk to me lying that they were doing what was possible to deliver my vehicle.
    I had to investigate it by myself, found the driver’s brother store, threatened to call the police and also threatened to sue the storage company where my vehicle was. I’ve spent countless hours everyday calling to a lot of people so I could get my car back. I got stressed and sick, couldn’t sleep or eat and had to take pills for everything.
    After 49 DAYS and threatening everyone, the driver released the keys to my vehicle and my husband had to rent a trailer to go pick it up.
    After finally having my vehicle back, I requested a refund from Capstone Auto Trans Inc. as they didn’t do the service I paid them for and I even had to spend more money and time to pick up my vehicle. Can you believe that they said they had done what they could and wouldn’t refund the $200? I told them they had 2 days to refund me or I would do what it takes for everyone to know the poor service they provide. You will be happy if everything goes according to plan but if something happens they will say they are not responsible and won’t even refund your money after not doing what you paid them for. My experience is a major red flag for anyone thinking about paying for their services. Run!!!!!!

    Absolutely horrible company all they want is your money. I ended up paying triple the amount that my contract was for when delivered. Was promised a reimbursement but nothing won’t answer calls or text. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

    They promised a day to pick up our camper and move it the driver called an hour before claiming vehicle issue and would be there in a couple of days, never heard back from driver. I emailed to say driver never picked up and to find me another driver or refund deposit back. He said give him a little bit never heard back from him for two days. I emailed back again and asked for a refund that I found another company. He then answered me and asked when they were coming to get it then blocked my email scam is what they are! The only way he wanted deposit was by Zelle from bank not credit card I wish I would’ve checked their ratings first!

    AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!! This is a credit card scam. This is a fake business. Address is a house. Phone gets answered from India. There are no trucks. They post pictures of other company trucks with no name on them. Also avoid a website called Uship, also an elaborate credit card scam.

    Guys all who they robed please report them to BBB . They are thieves. I’m about to put them on Facebook with my receipts

    The car was delivered on time, no damage. Trip was CA to CO. Car is 1972 Plymouth Scamp, restored

    Releasing a prized car to someone’s truck is nerve-wracking, so having a good customer service rep is important to me. Sam at Capstone was patient with all my questions, and kept me informed every step, including a follow up call after delivery to make sure. Once a driver was selected, everything happened quickly and smoothly.
    If I ship another car, I would use Capstone again

    Horrible service. Couldn’t even get past the women who reached out to me Catherine Thomas They don’t get it !!! Good luck

      I talked to her, too. They were trying the same scams on me. I paid a deposit but the pick up vehicle never showed. They said they needed $1200 to send another truck. We said we’d find another way.

    Couldn’t have been easier.
    John Harrison handled every detail of the auto transport from Port Charlotte, FL to York, PA.
    Everything was expedited in less than a week
    and there were NO hidden costs.
    John kept in touch with me every step of the way.
    I highly recommend them to anyone in need
    of vehicle transportation.
    Bob Graffin York, PA

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