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4624 ELM TER
SKOKIE, IL 60076

USDOT#: 3741273
MC#: MC-1324486

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1 review

    I had received a quote on a Wednesday to ship a vehicle from UT to OH on that Friday. I booked the transfer and paid the downpayment Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, I contacted them to get my driver information for the next day’s pick up and was told my price went up $500. In less than 24 hours the price increased by $500! I told him I couldn’t pay that and he offered me pick up on Saturday. Problem was I had booked flights for Friday evening AFTER I booked the pickup for Friday morning. I was told I needed to be flexible and / or find someone else to hand the car over to the driver. They offered me a refund of my deposit since they could not deliver as promised. Refund was never received – even after several emails and calls. Save yourself the headache and wasted time and money. Book your auto transport with anyone else.

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