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Speedco Logistics

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 4003834
MC#: MC-1505580

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1 review

    They advertised on the final price and I paid my deposit. In my message they confirmed this was the final price. The day before the pick up he asked me to sign an additional contract and upon review there was a diffrent price than what was agreed on in the shiply quote. He then proceeded to make up all sorts of reasons why the price changed and I had to remind him I asked specifically if this included all taxes tolls and fees and he said yes. So after I paid my deposit he changed the price and threatened to cancel my shipment if I didn’t accept the new price. I continually reminded him that our contract said one thing he was trying to change it after I paid my deposit. I said told him I would report him to shiply and I will figure out a different method of shipping my car because at this point I don’t trust he will have any integrity and may try to change my price again. About half an hour later I received a text message from him that “spoke to the driver you will be paying $630 as agreed.”
    My car was picked up and when the driver was scheduled to drop off I was informed it was more than our aggreed price. I had no choice but to pay the driver to release my car. It was not the driver but Speedco logistics who offered the driver a higher price to ship and left me to pay the difference. After I reported him to shiply he left a fraudulent review and continued lie about the price hike after I signed my contract. I have all the messages by texts, shiply convo thread and contract provided to the driver.
    I’ve filed a complaint with the TX AG’s Office for Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, so at least the state knows they are baiting and switching on contracts.
    Unscrupulous and dishonest. Please save yourself the headache and use a different logistics company.

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