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NSLA Car Ship

1.0 Stars out of 5

703 86TH ST

USDOT#: 4158660
MC#: MC-1597793

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car transport review

7 reviews

    Scammers!!!!!!!!! They quoted me $350 originally for shipping my car from California to Nevada. They promised me that the price would never change and it would remain the same. But firstly, they were unable to provide the shipment on the date we agreed, and secondly, though they finally found a driver for the pickup, they asked me to pay more than $500 to get my car shipped instead of the original quote. I would never work with this company again, and I would not recommend anyone else to work with them either.

    Don’t trust them. I talked to Scott and made a $100 initial deposit. They couldn’t pick up my car on the scheduled date and also asked for double the quote amount saying that’s what the drivers are asking. I told him I have to leave the city on the 30th and apparently he doesn’t care. Refused to refund me. Now I’m driving my car from New Jersey to Texas.

    Nathan Dunn is a liar and a scammer. He cajoled me into paying a deposit to transport my vehicle to Florida to Arizona. He turned around to ask for more money, with too many stories. He never showed up to pick up the vehicle. I had to engage the services of another company to pickup the car. I asked for a refund of the deposit I made to no avail. Please the general public should be aware of this fraudulent company in the name of NSLA Carship LLC in Brooklyn Ny, Nathan Dunn is the dispatch broker, his Tel: (716)780-5201. The company supposedly telephone number is (716)780-5200 but never works, Ny dot# 4158660 mc# 1597793.

    Nathan Dunn is a crook, he got me to pay a deposit for a pickup. Once he got the deposit he left me hanging, no truck to pickup. I had to hire another company to do the job, the vehicle was supposed to pick up on January 2 he never had a truck empty for pickup. Then tried saying Zi can pickup on Sat 4 days later. I told Nathan the vehicle was already picked up and delivered to Nc I said I was unable to get you where have you been, reply I was out of the office. I said please send me my deposit back. I’m a disabled veteran that lives on bare minimum income. Not only did I have to pay more for a last minute truck to pickup but he has yet to return my deposit. I would never recommend or consider using this company to me are fraudulent company, deceitful and liars. Beware NSLA Carship LLC in Brooklyn Ny Nathan Dunn is the dispatch broker.

    I would have left a zero if it was available. Please beware of NSLA Carship LLC they will get a deposit from you and never do the job. The dispatcher Nathan Dunn said the truck was empty on Monday January 1 2024 for pickup January 2,2024 the driver wasn’t even empty, then the truck broke down. I had to keep calling the driver because Nathan wasn’t answering my calls after he got ghe deposit. I had to hire someone to meet the driver and help load up. They never showed up, I had to hire another truck to pick up. I asked for my deposit back he wouldn’t give it to me. They are not to be trusted. I’m so glad he never picked up the load, who knows if I would have gotten it delivered or not. Very deceitful dispatch broker Nathan Dunn out of Brooklyn, Ny dot# 4158660 mc# 1597793

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