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US Freight Master

1.0 Stars out of 5

YELM, WA 98597

USDOT#: 4096789
MC#: MC-1561954

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car transport review

17 reviews

    Wonderful experience. Price quoted was not much different than the price we paid. Paige was great to work with and very helpful. She updated me throughout the entire process. I’m shocked at these other reviews, as my experience was completely opposite. I would definitely use US Freight Master again!

    The pricing was great, the delivery was on time. Cars came back great no damages. Such a great service!

    They are horrible told me my price was 850 then 1150 and then again 1450 . Now when it’s the day to pick up he has been 2 hours away in traffic for about 5 hours now don’t trust them they are scammers they just wanted my 200 dollars deposit also have a hold on my cash app for 200 smh save your time and don’t work with them

      Breanna, as you know, whatever you have written is misinformation. You were quoted $850 and we informed you that this was a quote based on what drivers had charged in the past on this route. Prices can change due to a lack of drivers in the area, a change in gas prices, weather conditions, etc. When I had a driver available, their price to transport your vehicle was $1350. Brokers do not set the prices of these shipments, drivers do. You had the choice to either book this driver or cancel. You decided to go ahead and allow me book the driver for $1350. The driver was on his way and did have a lot of traffic on his way and arrived late to the location, but you decided to cancel. Things can happen along the way, he was just running late. We were in contact with you the entire time, and you were getting updates on ETA, yet you STILL canceled. Unfortunately, after I have already dispatched a driver to pick up your vehicle, and he is minutes away from the pick up location before you canceled, the deposit is non-refundable. We needed to compensate the driver for going all the way to the pick up location just to have the load canceled. The driver also offered to pick up the vehicle in the morning since you kept saying it was too late. You were not working with us as we were trying to work with you. You were being very unreasonable. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

    SCAM!!!! Do not use US Freight Masters. Got my deposit and have gotten nothing but a big run around. My initial call back they tell me the person handling my transport went home sick and they’ll call me back. 2 days go by they finally call and say they want my vin from the vehicle. Can’t tell me any info on transport company or driver info. They give you an unrealistic low price to recieve deposit money.

    Paige from US FREIGHT MASTER took great care of me. A different company took advantage of me and Paige went above and beyond to get me a transporter for my vehicle. From Missouri to California, the process was quick and easy. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with Paige. She will take care of you and your vehicle. Thanks again page!

    I have recently shipped my vehicle with US Freight Master and that was a great experience. My vehicle got shipped in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this company if you guys are looking to ship your vehicle.

    Don’t use this shipping service. They lie about everything, price, trailer, delivery dates. Use someone else. Price will go up after you sign agreement.

    I had such a horrible time dealing with the company: US Freight Master , that I’m considering NEVER shipping my car ever again. I’d rather either drive it myself or just get a new car elsewhere when I get there – YES! That’s how bad they’ve scarred me. Now, I understand the majority of these companies are not trustworthy, but I was hoping at least this one would be more decent, considering I asked ALL the necessary questions and did my research prior. The agent working on my order was KEVIN. He quoted me one price and literally SWORE it would NOT change, even after I kept telling him I didn’t trust that the price would stay the same. Once he found a driver, the price went up by over $400!!! After so much back and forth, he finally went down on the price a bit. Once the driver showed up, I noticed the price had NOT changed and I raised HELL! Finally after calling the broker (US Freight Master) they went back to the previously (reluctantly) agreed upon price, thought still WAY over what was quoted originally.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I hope they never make another dime!

    US Freight FRAUD FRAUD FRAUDS, these guys are bad people. Quote one price and blackmail you for higher prices to retrieve vehicle. Run away

    Giving a 1 star for this company is generous.

    They quoted for $400 total from Myrtle Beach to NJ, with $150 down, leaving $250 balance upon delivery. The morning of pickup, they called and said the only driver available for our pickup was requiring a total of $500 upon delivery. My husband went through a full 48 hour battle with this awful
    Company until they made it right and we received a phone call this morning they miraculously had a driver to do it for $250 as the signed contracted agreement stated in the first place. They hassled my husband and repeatedly kept calling trying to justify why the price went from $250 to $500 at delivery, however, he stood his ground and didn’t let them get another dime out of us.

    To top off this wonderful experience, when the driver arrived with the vehicle, he was saying the full price at delivery was $300, not $250 of the promised price. He ultimately left without the extra. Although we are happy to have our vehicle with no damages, the entire ordeal with this company was absolutely horrible. Yes, they did make things right and fixed the issue, but what if we just agreed to it? They would have gotten double the money out of us.

    10000% do NOT recommend unless you’re looking for a complete cluster and foreigners who do not understand how American contracts work.

    Quoted me $450 two weeks before pickup date. On date of pickup they changed the price to $900. Complete bait and switch scam

    This company is not legit…damaged my Mercedes during the transport only to find out they have NO INSURANCE

    I had to give at least 1 star but THIS COMPANY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!! I’m 65 years of age and in my lifetime have never seen a company fail at EVERY LEVEL…quoted a price of $150 then raised it $250 then $350 and finally $425…agreed to deliver vehicle to my repair shop during their business hours and the driver never showed up…then agreed to be there the next morning when mechanic arrived for 8am and again didn’t show up until late….VERY UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!!! I was fooled by these guy in a major way DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY PERIOD

    Called on November 4. As the transport provider I had hired didn’t show. Talked to Ms. Brown and explained my situation. My son was transferring bases and I was time limited. She assured me they would be able to pick up my car within 5 days. We signed the contract at 450. The 6th I got a text message saying someone would be there in 2 hours to get my car. I called back and made sure this was correct and at the price of 450. She told me they would be there in 2 hours but the charge would be 900 due at delivery not including the 175 deposit they took. I told her absolutely not that was more than double what they quoted me. After a few phone calls and texts she said she could get a driver for 525. For a total of 675. I agreed a.d signed a new contract for that price as I am in a time crunch. Then poof said driver doesn’t exist. They couldn’t contact said driver then the next day said driver has broke down, but they have other drives at 8-900. As they did not fulfill the contract by the date I needed it by as my son was leaving Virginia they would only refund half my deposit. So I got charged 75.

      They called 5 times November 21 and text me asking to remove my review and they would refund me the rest of my deposit of 75 dollars. Beware of any good reviews now too as the offer money for reviews.

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