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YELM, WA 98597

USDOT#: 4096789
MC#: MC-1561954

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4 reviews

    I had to give at least 1 star but THIS COMPANY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!! I’m 65 years of age and in my lifetime have never seen a company fail at EVERY LEVEL…quoted a price of $150 then raised it $250 then $350 and finally $425…agreed to deliver vehicle to my repair shop during their business hours and the driver never showed up…then agreed to be there the next morning when mechanic arrived for 8am and again didn’t show up until late….VERY UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!!! I was fooled by these guy in a major way DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY PERIOD

    Called on November 4. As the transport provider I had hired didn’t show. Talked to Ms. Brown and explained my situation. My son was transferring bases and I was time limited. She assured me they would be able to pick up my car within 5 days. We signed the contract at 450. The 6th I got a text message saying someone would be there in 2 hours to get my car. I called back and made sure this was correct and at the price of 450. She told me they would be there in 2 hours but the charge would be 900 due at delivery not including the 175 deposit they took. I told her absolutely not that was more than double what they quoted me. After a few phone calls and texts she said she could get a driver for 525. For a total of 675. I agreed a.d signed a new contract for that price as I am in a time crunch. Then poof said driver doesn’t exist. They couldn’t contact said driver then the next day said driver has broke down, but they have other drives at 8-900. As they did not fulfill the contract by the date I needed it by as my son was leaving Virginia they would only refund half my deposit. So I got charged 75.

      They called 5 times November 21 and text me asking to remove my review and they would refund me the rest of my deposit of 75 dollars. Beware of any good reviews now too as the offer money for reviews.

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