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Smart Car Ship

1.1 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 4079367
MC#: MC-1551598

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14 reviews

    This happen 6 10 24 Never never never use smart car shit for anything they are a scam company. They are a fictitious company. They use the bait and switch promise to move my car for $400 and then bump the price after four days of waiting to $1000. they are not insured their MC number has been revoked by the US Department of transportation as well as their DOT number is not valid US department of transportation. MC Number: 01551598 DOT Number: 4079367 Luckily, I got them to return my deposit They say they have I have not received it yet and providing all documentation, DOT and FMCsa If you don’t believe me, you can look them up by their MC number on the US Department of Transportation webpage

    First time having a vehicle transported from out of state. Danny was very responsive and kept me in the loop once it was scheduled. Vehicle was picked up on time and delivered before expected time slot. Would recommend anyone to use Smart Carship. The whole experience was great.

      Simon my contact there was great. Highly recommend them! Fast and failrly priced!


    Heed the warning of others. Positive reviews are fake.
    They start by connecting you to someone who seems to be US. The name he uses is William Tod. He will text and guarantee you the price. He will send you puck up times on the day you requested. Next they will call you and say he had a family emergency and someone new will be taking over. Several will call you with different names, Nick. Simone etc. Suddenly they are all foreign, they will make you believe they are diligently trying to find you a driver. All kinds if problems but Suddenly they find you a driver and talk really fast but you will pick up the price of double the quote. They will swear they gave you a guarantee of the price even though you send them a copy of the text messages you received from from William Todd.
    Look them up on Indeed they are are Pakistani rip offs. Stay away. I will be posting this warning on every sight that will post it.

      Hi Sheila – that’s a serious accusation! What proof do you have they are working from Pakistan? I didn’t see anything about them on

    These people are committing fraud by agreeing to a contract and not abiding by said contract. For 150 down they will bait and switch you and double their price. DO NOT USE THIS SHIPPER, it is a scam.

    Scam, Scam, Scammers. They have had 4 days to pick up my car for shipping and they keep telling me they are waiting on their driver. I gave them $150.00 deposit, on a $789.00 shipping quote! I want my money back! Now they don’t answer my calls or texts. I work for my money, I don’t steal it. I don’t know if you believe in God but you should read the Bible,
    (1 Corinthians 6:10) thieves will not inherit Jehovah God’s Kingdom. Do the right thing!

    I myself gave this company the benefit of doubt and gave them another chance to pick up my vehicle, for a $400.00 price increase, “Bait and Switch “ low and behold three times in ten days they told me they would pick up my vehicle tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow never came! They keep promising to return my deposit, but they keep trying to promise me another pickup date. I told them No! Return my money! They also told me to wait until tomorrow to receive my money because their Zelle isn’t working properly, still lying! Told them to return my money or live with bad bad reviews… which is only the truth, I have all of the texts to prove it! My advice, DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY (Smart Car Ship). You’ve Been Warned…

    BAIT and SWITCH! Liars! Scammers! All fake names, Denny, miller, Jack, David, all fake names. They don’t have good communication skills and calls are broken up and not clear at all! They QUOTE LOW, then QUOTE HIGH. If you don’t use them, they steal your first down payment. All money sent to them is NON REFUNDABLE!! DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY! THEY WILL STEAL IT, their contracts are all lies!! Very deceptive bad company!

    THIEVES! LIARS! THEY STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT! without using their service! They say “no hidden fees, transparency, honestly” LIES, LIES, LIES!! They quote LOW, take deposit, (NON REFUNDABLE) and then QUOTE HIGH! They are cheats! They are dishonest people! Jack Miller is a liar! He said he would give my deposit back!! LIE, LIE, LIE! It’s been 2 months and still no refund from a job that was never done! Do not do business with these scammers!!! Positive REVIEWS ARE FAKE! Look on BBB website!

    we are a transporting company that moved a vehicle on their behalf, at the delivery there was a small unpaid balance that was supposed to be paid by smart car ship llc as per their own contract. That never happened, and they throw the dead cat from one dispatcher to another. I do not recommend this broker, not trustworthy and even though I don t like to use this word lightly, I can say that they are scammers.

    DO NOT TRUST!!! These are scammers. They will take your deposit after quoting you one price, then up the price last minute. They’ll switch drivers on you, who never show.

    Vehicle (Volvo SUV) transport was completed within requested timetable (request began on a Monday and delivery was needed by Thursday night of same week, 110 miles between two points, across two states (PA and NY). Representative, Mike Miller, was polite, communicated frequently using calls, text messaging and emails over obviously long working hours (some texts were 4 am EST). Unfortunately, price was better than double ($350) the initial quote ($145) but appears to still be competitive at higher price. Overall, the process wasn’t smooth and frustrating to me as my details had to be repeated far too frequently about inoperational condition of vehicle, its pick up and drop off both being at car dealerships (therefore had business operating hours to be considered), and, that I could not be present at either location because I lived in a different state from either pick up or drop off. Early in process, payment arrangements were discussed in detail (a few times) & agreed upon to be via Billing (particularly at drop off) as I don’t use electronic banking or cash apps and I couldn’t be physically present. Unfortunately, the hauler wasn’t informed it wasn’t COD & he attempted collection at drop off with the dealership. The payment process should have been relayed to that driver by the representative in advance of the drop off, or as soon as the hauler contacted my representative. That transaction required my interceding with the dealership, directly with the hauler AND my representative. It did get resolved through my representative in the way he & I had previously agreed (through his billing department), but I feel this problem, and a few others, could have been avoided with a little more attention paid to the details which were repeatedly outlined by me via text, agreement and phone conversations with my representative. Good news is the vehicle got there on time, safely.

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