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Big Ben’s Auto

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3446819
MC#: 1120978

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1 review

    DO NOT do business with Big Ben’s Auto. They are scammers, they lie, and are 100% dishonest.
    To ship my truck from CA to VA, they (Don) originally offered (in writing) $1,190. Then I got a text offering me a price of $1,290. I agreed to this price. However, when the driver arrived, he actually charged me $2,290! What this company does is quote you a lie price. My experience with this company is outlined on the website:
    They claim its miscommunication…but a child could tell that this is a scam and not miscommunication, especially since they’ve been operating like this for years or “miscommunicating” for years. They are liars and dishonest.

    If you experience their scam, please also submit your review to Better Business Bureau, the FBI under the “Report Scams, Frauds, and Online Crime” section: , as well as, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “Consumer: File a Complaint” section:
    You can also request to submit a class-action lawsuit against the business and the owners.

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