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Ameri Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

5830 E 2ND ST STE 7000#10154
CASPER, WY 82609

USDOT#: 4108158
MC#: MC-1568537

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car transport review

15 reviews

    Wish I would have checked the reviews earlier. Not a reputable company. So many excuses such as the original truck was in a accident. Klaus and Joacob are very dishonest!

    WORST company EVER!!
    please do not use.
    Rob is a Scam, they said driver canceled but he has a new driver just the double price… be carefull. do not trust!!!

      This company is nothing but a big scam, you will regret if you ever do ANY business with this company!

    Scammers. Bait and switch. Quoted 600 dollars for transport, then said the driver was in a crash and he needed 1500 the day of pickup. Do not use. I would be surprised if any good reviews were not written by the scam ring itself. This is your warning. Do not use. They are unwilling to return my 150 dollar deposit too.

    Quoted $550 on day of pickup said they need $1200 ADDITIONAL or can’t move car- told them to cancel transport – protested payment with venmo – they asked that I cancel protest and they will refund immediate – stupid me – cancelled protest and have been ghosted ever since – MY BAD FOR TRUSTING PEOPLE.

    Quoted $500 for Boston to Florida. Never picked up my car as promised. Gave many different excuses as well as charging now 3 TIMES THE PRICE. AMERI TRANSPORT IS A SHAM!!!! Beware. Klaus stopped taking my calls. Klaus is a one man company whose a fraud!!

    Quoted $500 / Could not pickup car on date requested / Twice called after telling me it will cost $1500 , Five days later I am driving from NY to Florida . Bait and switch ,

    Same story as above. Claims driver got into accident. Found new driver for 3 times the price. Scam
    This was for car from Dallas to Jacksonville December 2023

    SCAM! COMPLETE FRAUD. Quoted $850 originally. Claimed driver got into accident on way to pick up my car and wanted to charge $1500. Refused to return $200 deposit.

    Quoted $400, claims driver got in accident on way to us but can rebook for $1100. Refuses to refund $125 deposit.

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