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Xtreme Relocation

1.0 Stars out of 5

TAMPA, FL 33624

USDOT#: 2892603
MC#: MC-971725

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4 reviews

    Straight Rip… Beware! Once Karen Cohen at Xtreme Relocation took my deposit of $300 she stopped answering my calls and e-mails. They never shipped my vehicle either. I was forced to contact the Florida state attorney general to recover my money.

    We made the huge mistake of hiring Xtreme Relocation of Tampa to ship our vehicle from Arizona to Massachusetts. They are by far the worst company i’ve ever done business with.

    We patiently waited for almost a month, with no response to emails, or phone messages. We were forced to hire another company.

    Xtreme never refunded our $200 deposit. We gave up. Save yourself the headache and never do business with Xtreme Relocation. Complete Fraud.

    Xtreme Relocation is a terrible car shipping company. They scammed me out of $2,000, then didn’t ship my vehicle. Karen Cohen promised to pick up my vehicle. Once I made my deposit, they stopped responding to any calls or e-mails. Finally when I e-mailed them I cancelled and hired another car shipping company, they finally contacted me, but only to threaten to sue me for breach of contract. I never got my money back from them. I paid $2,000 to get harassed, while getting my time wasted. Avoid this predatory business at all costs!

    If you enjoy tossing your money out the window while your car is being shipped, then use Xtreme Relocation! I’d give negative 5 stars if that was an option.

    All they do is lie non-stop then present fake documents to try and place blame on you. Classic bait and switch operation. They quoted me $1,200. Then the moment my car was being picked up they upped the price to $1,600.

    I called over and over again to cancel, but they already took my car without me agreeing to the new price. Then they lied saying I never called. They also charged my credit card $250 for nothing claiming breach of contract. Avoid this scam of a company.

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