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10 reviews

    It is advised not to proceed with them as, like most reviews suggest, their services appear impressive in the beginning, however, they are eventually plagued with problems and dishonesty. On day one, a driver was arranged, followed by the truck going into repairs just hours later. On the second day, no updates were received after a new driver was assigned. After their operational hours, the driver who was previously guaranteed to arrive notified the following day suggesting an afternoon/evening time. Two days were wasted awaiting drivers who never came. Despite contacting the assigned agent, the forwarded numbers led to someone who was unhelpful, ineffective, and seemed disinterested, with more concern about events occurring in the background. We suggest hiring someone who can provide timely and effective services, instead of wasting valuable time.

    I made it clear that I had a designated shipping timeframe, and they accepted it and provided a price. However, on the day of shipment, it was not MoveWheels but the transportation company who contacted me, demanding four times what was previously quoted. Moreover, they attempted to coerce me into accepting the inflated price. These scammers baited and switched me. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

    Initially, everything seemed to be going well. I obtained quotes from multiple carriers and ultimately chose Movewheels due to their competitive pricing. I proceeded to schedule the move for a date about three months in the future. Approximately one month before the scheduled move, I reached out to Movewheels to confirm everything was still on track. I was reassured by Justin Flores, the supposed dispatcher (though I have my doubts about the authenticity of his name given his Korean-sounding accent). Two weeks later, I received the same reassurance that everything was going according to plan.

    About four days prior to the scheduled move, I contacted Justin again to inquire about the possibility of an earlier pickup. He said he would look into it and get back to me. I followed up with him the next day, but received no response. When he finally answered my calls, he indicated that there was no driver available at the originally quoted price of $950. Instead, he offered a new driver at an updated price of $1,800 that would definitely arrive the following day at noon.

    I agreed to the new terms and arranged for the pickup. The next day arrived, but there was no communication from the driver or dispatcher. I attempted to reach out to Justin multiple times, but received no response. Finally, around 12:20, Justin answered the phone and informed me that the driver had been delayed due to a routine inspection and would arrive in approximately two to three hours. I pressed him for the driver’s information, but he refused to disclose it.

    As the hours ticked by, I received no update from Justin or the driver. I attempted to contact them numerous times without success. At this point, I had lost confidence in Movewheels and their ability to follow through on their promises. Their lack of integrity and accountability was unacceptable, and I hope they face consequences for their deceitful tactics. I strongly advise others to avoid this company at all costs.

    For almost a week now, I have been trying to resolve an issue with this company, but they continue to give me the same excuse. Although they have already taken my money, they refuse to refund it. Initially, they quoted me a particular price, but when it was time to ship, they doubled the price. One of their representatives even assured me that a driver was on standby to pick up my car, but that never happened. After giving me yet another driver’s details, even that driver cancelled. Their dubious actions have left me no choice but to report them to BBB. My advice is to steer clear of this company – a complete no-go!

    Initially, I was quoted $850 for the delivery service with a payment of $200 due upon pickup and the remainder due upon delivery. However, when the driver contacted me today, he stated that his price was actually $2500. I had been in contact with Stacy regularly since booking three weeks prior, speaking with her directly and texting at least once a week. I specifically asked her multiple times if the price would change upon the driver’s arrival and she reassured me that the cost would remain $850. I also informed her that the power at my location would be shut off in two days. Given these circumstances, I searched for and found a local female-owned business. While their price was double my original quote, I have decided to give them my business as I do not trust the dishonesty of the previous company.

    They are a fraudulent company. They obtained my card details but failed to collect my vehicle. They provided me with a driver’s phone number who claimed to have no knowledge of my reservation. They continued to mislead me by stating that the agent was unavailable, until they eventually stopped taking my calls, despite already having my card information.

    I contacted this business on February 27, 2023 to inquire about the cost of transporting a vehicle from one city to another on June 14, 2023. The representative informed me that they do not begin searching for drivers until two weeks before the moving date and that the driver would only be contacted in early June. They provided me with a quote of $1300 and insisted that I sign a contract to secure the price. The representative warned me against cancelling too late to avoid penalty fees and assured me that I would not be charged until the driver accepted the job and picked up my vehicle.

    However, recently, I decided that I no longer required their services and attempted to cancel the contract. They then imposed a $200 cancellation fee, despite my being well within the allowed time frame for cancellation. When I mentioned this discrepancy, they sent me fraudulent emails claiming that I had already accepted a driver for the job. They even emailed me their Zelle and PayPal information, demanding payment of the cancellation fee. Currently, they are behaving discourteously and aggressively in their efforts to force me to pay the fee.

    They lack honesty and reliability. Despite notifying them of my intention to cancel three weeks prior to the shipment, they demanded that I pay a fee of $200. After I pointed out that the fee was not applicable to me, they still tried to charge me $95. When I asked to speak to their supervisor, they claimed not to have one and only knew about the owner, whose contact information they could not provide. Later on, they contradicted themselves by stating that they needed to consult their supervisor regarding my cancellation request. When I accused them of lying, they denied it and added that their supervisor did not speak English. Though I requested to speak with their legal department concerning the contract, I wasn’t contacted. As if that was not enough, they attempted to schedule a courier to trick me into paying the $200 fee. Such fraudulent behavior should not be entertained, and no one should waste their resources on this establishment.

    Despite paying a $250 deposit, Guy failed to fulfill their agreement to move my camper. Additionally, they attempted to charge me an additional $200, even though nobody was dispatched to move my camper. After informing them that my camper needed to be moved by Sunday or it would be impounded, Guy continued to ignore my messages and calls. I would not recommend this unreliable company.

    Beware! This particular brokerage firm is a deceitful enterprise. Though I initially chose this company due to their competitive rate, they ultimately proved to be fraudulent. A mere two days before my scheduled flight, the company called me to increase the price by $1000. Despite my reservations, I trusted them to transport my car for me without issue. I requested that the driver contacts me, but instead, an imposter posing as the driver called and scheduled to pick up my car from home. On the day of departure, the driving company informed me that the brokerage company had supplied the incorrect address and car details, leading to the driver arriving at the wrong location. They failed to return the $700 that I had previously paid, and never retrieved my car. The representative, Stacy, is a dishonest individual, and it is best to avoid both her and the company.

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