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Priced Rite Auto Transport

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priced rite auto transport



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2 reviews

    It’s not everyday you come across bottom of the barrel scum like Jason Weaver of priced rite auto transport. A true cockroach, a scumbags scumbag, a pattering baboon. This man thought he could get away with credit card fraud. He bought over $1000 of apple products on my credit card and shipped them to his home office. you know, because he dosent even have a real office.

    $1,200 in FRAUD. Jason Weaver at Priced Rite Auto Transport is the most dishonest and shadiest individual I’ve ever delt with. He promised to ship my vehicle for $600 then kept upping the price. Once he charged my credit card he disappeared. He stopped taking my calls and emails. What a joke. Avoid doing business with the scumbags over at Priced Rite at all costs. Don’t be their next victim. Fair warning.

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