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Honest Auto Movers

1.0 Stars out of 5

Honest Auto Movers

USDOT#: 2246071
MC#: MC-704101

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7 reviews

    I really regret not being able to give negative stars for this company. I strongly advise against considering their services, as my experience was quite negative. The owner, who goes by “Captain Mark”, displayed an upsetting level of egotism and narcissism. I hate speaking poorly of others, but I can only share what I encountered while dealing with him.

    Captain Mark arranged for a trucker to transport my car, but upon its arrival, the trucker was under the false impression that I did not have the funds to pick it up. This was a particularly stressful situation for me, as I was traveling with an elderly mother and an autistic son from New York to Florida. I was then informed that I would have to go one hour out of my way to retrieve the car, which I couldn’t do since I was unfamiliar with the area and did not have any transportation means to do so.

    I’m sorry, but isn’t it the transportation service’s responsibility to manage the pick-up and delivery of the car? Captain Mark and I exchanged multiple text messages trying to arrange a solution, as the driver refused to meet me halfway or drop off the car at my house. I explained that if delivery wasn’t possible, I would need time to figure out how to retrieve it by myself, since I was the only one traveling and could only drive one car. I would then have to look into public transportation options. However, both the driver and Captain Mark treated me as if I were a liar when I explained my situation, and they suggested I was not interested in retrieving my car at all.

    This entire experience was a frustrating and upsetting ordeal. Captain Mark struck me as an arrogant and unprofessional person, as he boasted about his wealth and importance within the distribution industry. Who cares about those things if the job itself isn’t done properly, anyway? Perhaps if he focused more on the task at hand, people would be more satisfied with his services. Overall, I wish I had never had to deal with such an untrustworthy and unreliable service.

    It took over a year for me to write this review as I wanted to ensure that I never had to deal with the individual in question again. “Captain Mark” from Honest Auto Movers is a scary, dishonest, and aggressive individual who is clearly not in the right frame of mind. In the summer of 2018, my mother was looking into options for shipping my car for an out-of-state move, and when she contacted Captain Mark, we were still deciding if he was a suitable choice. It should be noted that he was not referred to us, as he claims in his response. Ultimately, we decided to use a different provider, who I have since given a glowing review. Captain Mark’s services were never utilized for my car, despite his false claims.

    However, once we informed him that we would not be using his services, he began to harass us. He contacted my mother constantly through calls and texts, claiming to be a federal agent, and threatening to continue the harassment. He also threatened us, stating that my car would not make it to its destination. My mother was so scared that I had to intervene and speak with Captain Mark myself. I was furious because despite being out of line, he continued to make threats throughout our conversation.

    After speaking with Captain Mark, he continued to harass my mother via email and text, which led us to contact the police. The police informed him to stop all contact, but even they mentioned that he appeared to be “off his rocker” and was making grandiose claims. I have included screenshots of the texts he sent and his email signature as evidence of his behavior.

    I urge everyone to conduct a search for “Captain Mark Honest Auto Transport” and they will find other instances of his harassment. I strongly advise against contacting him as he continues to be completely out of line and inappropriate.

    This individual goes by the moniker Captain Mark and his proclivity for deceit and drama knows no bounds. He will hurl baseless insults your way for no reason other than his own delusional thinking.

    To make matters worse, he will brazenly assert that he is a federal officer in an attempt to intimidate others. But make no mistake; his unethical and illegal behavior cannot be justified by any badge.

    Stay alert and heed this warning about this person. I cannot in good conscience advise anyone to engage with his harassment and senseless behavior – it simply isn’t worth it.

    Mark the thief, Freud, scammer, will face consequences for his deceitful actions as he will be reported and sued for scamming me. I purchased a car from a dealer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and sought transportation quotes online, including one from Mark, a broker I had dealt with before. Despite agreeing to a certain price, I ended up paying $150 more than we had previously agreed upon after submitting a deposit. Mark became agitated when I didn’t immediately do business with him and insisted that I pay him upfront in full. He then tried to force my hand by sending me a quote from a different company to transport my car, which I refused and told him that I had found another broker. Despite my objections, Mark had a driver go and take my car without permission and demanded an exorbitant ransom fee. When I refused, he left my car in impound and charged me storage fees. I had already paid the broker I had assigned a booking fee, but Mark refused to refund my money. I have all the text messages between us as evidence, and I am willing to share them with anyone who is interested. Mark should be held accountable for his lies and scamming, and he should never be allowed to handle anything related to my car again.

    I strongly advise against using this particular company. Mark initially provided me with a quote of $800 via email, but later accused me of not following instructions. Frustrated after only two days of working with him, I requested a refund and to be removed from the company’s list so I could work with another representative. Mark did not contact me until I requested the refund, and his excuse was that I should have been calling him every two hours, which was never communicated to me prior. I have evidence showing that my initial quote of $1100 was increased to about $1200 without my consent.

    Avoid utilizing this company at all costs. I recently received a quote request from them and was met with foul language when I refused to provide my credit card information. The individual, purportedly the captain, intimidates individuals over the phone and through text messages. I had no choice but to contact law enforcement. Working with reputable moving companies is advisable, especially for those with demanding work schedules, in order to avoid unnecessary threats like these.

    It is strongly recommended that you avoid this company. Not only did they charge my credit card twice without my consent, Mark has not provided any assistance. I am taking legal action against him and his company for their deceptive practices. To avoid losing your money, stay away from this company.

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