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Galaxy Car Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5

30 N GOULD ST STE 25965

USDOT#: 3912124
MC#: MC-1444474

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3 reviews

    Was urgently needed my Ford truck to be picked up and Adam helped me a lot with shipping services. Shipping was on time and the driver was polite.

    I was looking to ship my Porsche 911 from Alaska to New York but every other company is giving just false prices with unprofessional behavior but ADAM did a great job giving great services and delivering my vehicle on time with no hassle. Thanks.

    Adam sent me a quote for shipping my farm tractor, and said on the phone that his company had their own drivers so I wouldn’t be stranded if a driver wasn’t available. That was a lie. Galaxy is just a broker. The day before the scheduled pickup, Adam contacted me and confirmed the tractor was ready. The day of the scheduled pickup he said nothing. The next day I called to confirm it had been picked up (at the TYM dealer in Phoenix) and discovered it had not. I contacted Adam, who assured me it would be picked up the next day. That was a lie, which he repeated every day for a week. At one point he said the driver wanted more money, but that was a lie also (because my offer to pay more went unanswered). This company has no honor and no shame. They have no drivers. They quote below market and hope that some desperate driver who otherwise has to deadhead (return empty) will magically appear. They don’t have a network, they make false promises, and I feel stoopid for not cutting them off the first day. FRAUD ALERT: After you sign the contract, they send MORE terms and conditions not disclosed in advance. If you cancel they charge you. They do not commit to any schedule. Those two terms together imply they are signing contracts and NEVER SHIPPING VEHICLES. They appear to be making a living charging for canceling when the customer gets tired of endless lies and delays.

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