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Fidelity Auto Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5

Fidelity Auto Shipping
Fidelity Auto Shipping is a reputable auto shipping company that offers high-quality services to customers in need of car transportation across the United States. The company prides itself on its commitment to providing safe, reliable, and efficient services to its clients.

Established in 2007, Fidelity Auto Shipping has grown to become one of the leading car transportation companies in the country. The company’s extensive network of carriers enables it to provide nationwide coverage, ensuring that it can transport vehicles to virtually any location in the US.

Fidelity Auto Shipping’s core services include both open and enclosed car transportation. The company’s open car carriers can transport up to ten vehicles at a time, making it an ideal option for those shipping multiple cars. For those who require additional safety and security, the company’s enclosed car carriers provide complete protection for the vehicle during transportation.

The company’s team of highly trained and experienced drivers ensures that all vehicles are delivered to their destination in optimal condition and within the stipulated timeframe. Fidelity Auto Shipping uses advanced tracking systems to keep clients updated on the status of their shipment throughout the transportation process.

In addition to providing top-notch transportation services, Fidelity Auto Shipping offers competitive pricing. The company understands that cost is a significant concern for customers, and as such, it strives to offer affordable rates without compromising on quality.

Customers can easily obtain a quote online by providing the necessary details about their shipment, including the pick-up and delivery locations, the make and model of the vehicle, and the desired transportation method. Fidelity Auto Shipping’s website is user-friendly, and the entire booking process is straightforward and streamlined.

Overall, Fidelity Auto Shipping is a reliable, trustworthy, and customer-centric auto shipping company that offers exceptional car transportation services at a competitive price. Its commitment to technology, safety, and professionalism makes it an ideal choice for both individual and corporate clients looking for a hassle-free car shipping experience.

12245 SW 132ND CT
MIAMI, FL 33186

USDOT#: 2246187
MC#: MC-705486

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8 reviews

    This is clearly a fraudulent scheme. They unlawfully seized my vehicle and extorted my money by increasing the price a day prior to delivery. It is an egregious breach of the contract to hold onto the car and unlawful. Super-Eddie Rock does not seem to value his customers or the law. He has effectively accomplished two things:

    1. Violated the terms of the contract by raising the price.
    2. Detained the car and coerced me into paying an additional $300.

    It is advisable to read the reviews to avoid getting duped like I did. Numerous customers have suffered at the hands of this deceitful company!

    I utilized Fidelity to shift my vehicle from California to Toronto. Despite inquiring numerous times about import tariffs and tax exemptions, and whether I was required to clear my automobile through Canadian customs personally, they assured me that it wasn’t necessary. This was an error as I was forced to pay a significant sum in taxes (including GST and provincial taxes) to register my car in Canada. This expense could have been avoided had they properly adhered to customs procedures and obtained the exemptions for which I was eligible.

    For the past month, I have attempted to call Fidelity to request a refund but have only reached their answering service, which takes down my message but no one returns my call. Despite their 24-hour cancellation policy, I called within two hours to cancel their service with no success. It has been over a month since then, and I am still awaiting my refund. Fidelity was quick to take my money when I initially chose to ship my vehicles with them, giving me the impression of a professional company. However, my experience with them has been disappointing, and now I would not recommend Fidelity auto shipping.

    Avoid using this company at all costs! Despite having collected our vehicle nearly two weeks ago, we have yet to receive it. Although quick to take payment, their level of communication and service is seriously lacking. Despite leaving multiple polite voicemails for Annabelle, we have not received a single call back. In a recent email, she offered a feeble excuse that their truck had experienced technical difficulties. We have already submitted all necessary documentation.

    Our experience with this company has been nothing short of a scam. As a military family getting transferred from WA to CA, we opted to drive down one car while shipping the other one through Fidelity. Despite their initial quote of $900, we were made to pay almost $1600 due to their constant delays and poor communication. We were left stranded for two months, with no option but to pay the exorbitant fee, as my husband needed his car for work and I needed mine urgently due to pregnancy. The company has a plethora of negative reviews and they respond with excuses and rude remarks. We strongly advise against using their services.

    Do everything in your power to steer clear!

    Take heed of the feedback, it’s extremely burdensome to handle. My vehicle is still pending return even after an ENTIRE MONTH! They consistently provide bogus explanations. In addition, I was billed THOUSANDS of dollars for particular fees without any clarification or justification (despite my inquiries).

    Please avoid this company at all costs. It’s not worth your time or money. Their business practices are completely unacceptable. Despite booking and reserving my car transport well in advance, they were unable to deliver on their promises. They provided a timeframe for pick-up, but my car was never collected. There was no effort made to assign a driver or to communicate with me about the situation. This is by far the worst service I have experienced. If you’re willing to risk having a lack of communication and dealing with an unorganized company, then this might be an option- but if you need your car delivered on time and with care, this is definitely not the company for you. Despite the circumstances surrounding the current climate, the complete lack of effort and care shown by this company is unacceptable.

    I agree with the majority of comments here that these guys are the worst to deal with. Their lack of care and irresponsibility towards customer needs and urgency is appalling. Despite initially ignoring the negative reviews, I have now experienced firsthand the rocky ride with this company. I paid them a month and a half ago to transport my vehicle from Canada to the USA but there has been no word from them about my pickup. They have not answered any of my calls or responded to my emails, making this the worst customer service experience ever.

    I strongly advise against wasting your time going with these guys.

    I was promised that my vehicle and bike would be shipped separately for a fee of $4500 USD. However, when they picked up my truck and bike, they hauled my motorcycle on top of my truck and drove it over 100 miles without informing me. Additionally, they have charged me $3700 for import fees, which they never mentioned before. Despite repeatedly trying to call their office and emailing them about it, I have not received any response. My motorcycle, weighing over 450 kgs, has been hauled on the truck for more than 7 days, causing damage to the shocks on my truck for which they refuse to take responsibility.

    They also failed to provide me with any custom clearance documents required for registering my car in the USA.

    What they promised and what they delivered are poles apart. Despite my attempts to communicate with the company’s superiors, there has been no response or even an apology from anyone on their team.

    I urge the company to stop hiding the truth and covering up their mistakes in reviews. If they wish to resolve this issue, they must call me immediately, as I have been waiting for a response for the past four days. I want to share the truth about the poor treatment I have received from this company, which is why I have written a detailed review of the abuse they have inflicted upon me.

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