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Cierta Corporation

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 4152457
MC#: FF-62144

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5 reviews

    Top-notch vehicle transport service! They took the stress out of moving my car, providing excellent communication and handling. Will use again without hesitation.

    Impressed by the reliability of this transportation company. They’ve never let me down, always arriving on time even in rush hour traffic. The drivers are skilled and knowledgeable, navigating through the city with ease. Will continue to rely on them for my transportation needs.

    I’ve used this transportation company several times now, and each experience has been fantastic. Their attention to detail is commendable, ensuring every ride is safe and efficient. The booking process is straightforward, and their customer service team is always responsive and helpful.

    Exceptional service from start to finish! The drivers were punctual, courteous, and professional. Vehicles were clean and comfortable, making our journey smooth and enjoyable. Highly recommend this transportation company for all your travel needs.

    I had an absolute nightmare experience with a transport company I hired to move my vehicle from Illinois to California. My booking was made on March 18th, with the first available pick-up date being March 21st. The company confidently assured me of a 1 to 5 business day window to secure a driver, guaranteed. Yet, this guarantee fell flat. It was only after I initiated a call on the final day of this promised window that they bothered to inform me of their failure to find a driver, feeding me a string of what can only be described as ludicrous excuses.

    Initially, they dangled the hope of a Saturday pick-up, but communication was eerily silent until Friday night, at which point they dropped the bombshell—no driver was available. In a twist that felt like adding insult to injury, I received a call promising a Monday pick-up, which was later postponed to Tuesday due to the driver’s supposed vehicle issues. On Tuesday, I found myself having to chase them for confirmation, only to be let down once again. Astonishingly, they had the audacity to ask me how they should resolve this debacle—as if the customer should navigate the logistics of their incompetence.

    This entire fiasco threw my plans into disarray, preventing me from attending work for a week. In the aftermath of sharing my grievances with Shiply, presumably after Shiply relayed my complaint, the company had the nerve to text me, pleading not to leave a negative review.

    Please, save yourself the headache and avoid this company at all costs. Their inability to deliver on promises, coupled with their sheer lack of professionalism, is bound to create more problems than solutions. It’s clear they lack the basic competence to manage their jobs, much less handle customer expectations or resolve issues proactively.

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