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car transport review

5 reviews

    I recently utilized Breamway Auto Transport to ship my 2023 Land Rover Range Rover across the country, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the service I received. From start to finish, the team at Breamway exhibited professionalism, reliability, and efficiency that exceeded my expectations.

    Not only was the booking process seamless and straightforward, but the communication throughout the entire transportation journey was outstanding. I was kept informed every step of the way, which provided me with peace of mind knowing that my vehicle was in good hands.

    Moreover, my car arrived at its destination right on schedule and in immaculate condition. The attention to detail and care taken during the transportation process truly set Breamway apart.

    I highly recommend Breamway Auto Transport to anyone in need of vehicle shipping services. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence make them the go-to choice for all auto transportation needs. Thank you, Breamway, for your exceptional service!

    Welcome to the car shipper price scheme. Sorry, their quote was too good to be true.
    Read the positive reviews they are fake and some even copy each other. They copy good review stories from real companies!! Let me explain in detail how it will go with Breamway.
    They will quote you the lowest price. They will email you a contract stating that price and if you agree you will put down some money. Oops sorry, billing dept is having issues so they only accept non refundable zelle and cashapp THAT right there shows it’s a scam!! The contract is worded very carefully, it always says “estimated price” and that you cannot cancel. So your deposit is gone. When a contractor is in the area to pickup they will say they have someone right there and the price will be 2-3x higher. **They even told me straight up later on nobody they contract with will deliver my car for the price they gave me** Even if you agreed to pay them more who’s to say they won’t ask for even more to actually deliver it. They hold you ransom. Then you will get texts and emails from their buddies, it’s all a big scheme same people but different fake company names, and they all want your deposit. This is how it works, there’s companies/brokers that put out a request to pickup the car for $X00. There are drivers/contractors that decide which cars to pickup. If a driver decides it’s worth $1X00 then your broker will tell you it’s now $1X00. If you decline then you will just wait days, weeks, months to maybe find a driver that will pick it up for cheaper. It will never get picked up if you don’t come up on your price. So these company/brokers all make a little on the side and to get you to go with them first they start out with a super low price and get that deposit. After that they don’t care if it ships or ever ships they got your money. And they think this is all OK honest business. When you find out they are a price scam and want to cancel then they blame you for breaking contract and won’t refund your money. There’s even typos on their website which is another red flag. This is not an honest business. Go with Montway or Mercury legit honest up-front companies. Ive shipped a few cars in the past and never fell into these shipping price scammers. I’m sure they will respond that I am not a customer or it’s my fault. I surely am a customer, you can look at all my legit reviews. *GIVE ME MY DEPOSIT BACK* You quoted me $532 then price changed to $1450!!

    Would never recommend. They got my deposit and 3 days late to pick up the car they wanted $950 more then they quoted when I set up the pickup. I ended up hiring another company to do my transport. They were honest from the beginning and they were prompt in getting the car. Well never look to Breamway to transport my vehicle again. They now also won’t refund my deposit.

      Hi Justin, thank you for the review because I was just about to hire them. I brought up your review and they said you were paid by another company. Who did you end up hiring? because I’m trying to ship my car to Washington

    My experience with Breamway. They lie at me till we signed a contract the depositwas was $250. Then the half when the car arrives to Washington and the rest when the car arrives to Alaska. before my car arrives to Washington port they start asking for extra $3000.
    After arguing with Jack for two days and he stated that it was his mistake and he start apologizing. We agreed that I pay $2250 when the car parked front of my home. Today he texted me. That the car in Washington port with another Auto transport. And I need to pay extra $200. And he stop answering my calls or texts.
    Now I need to pay $2450 extra. And he took himself out of the picture.
    I wish to give him no stars at all.

    Please please please. Be aware of Breamway.

    They lie at you to let you sign a contract then after picking the car they keep asking you for extra money or they will leave your car with other dealers and you do not have any choice other than to pay to receive it.

    Never pay before you receive your car

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