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Axis Logistics

1.0 Stars out of 5


MC# MC-1044419

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2 reviews

    I had the worst experience with Axis Logistics when trying to move my vehicle. Firstly, the process was delayed and it took them way longer than promised to actually pick up my car. After many phone calls with Jeff Howell, I was constantly lied to and given false promises about the status of the delivery.

    To make matters worse, after picking up my vehicle, they completely failed to deliver it to my desired location. Nobody from the company bothered to update me on the whereabouts or status of my car, and I was forced to chase them up myself.

    After many attempts to try and resolve the issue, Jeff Howell still failed to provide me with any concrete information and made it clear that they had no intention of reimbursing me for their inability to deliver to the location.

    Overall, it was an extremely frustrating experience dealing with Axis Logistics. They are a complete scam and I would strongly advise against using their services. The company acts in a completely unprofessional and dishonest manner and has no regard for their customers or their obligations.

    $3,200 SCAM FRAUD ALERT!!! I dealt with Jeff Howell and Jay Fung. I got a quote to transport my Motor home for $3,200 via a car hauler. Jeff Howell took the entire payment upfront with my Credit Card. Then he calls me later and asks if I’d let another vehicle be towed behind my motor home. I told him no, and it was a red flag that he’d even have the audacity to ask me to haul some strangers vehicle across country. Completely unacceptable. Jeff Howell became belligerent and cancelled my contract. They didn’t even have the decency to refund me. I’ve emailed and called, they just ignore me, and cannot get my $3,200 back all because these criminals expected me to haul a strangers vehicle. It’s insane. Who’s hiring who to haul vehicles here?

    Long story short, NEVER do business with Axis Logistics, Jeff Howell, Jay Fung and their completely unethical company. You’ve been warned.

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