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ADKOS Vehicle Transport is a company that specializes in transporting vehicles across the United States. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and has been in operation since 1996. They provide reliable, safe, and affordable transportation services for individuals and businesses who need to move their vehicles from one location to another.

ADKOS Vehicle Transport offers both open and enclosed trailer services depending on the client’s needs. They have a team of experienced drivers who are well-versed in road safety and are committed to ensuring that your vehicle gets to its destination in excellent condition. The company also provides insurance coverage for all vehicles transported, giving clients peace of mind while their vehicles are on the road.

The company caters to different clients, including automobile dealerships, car rental companies, individuals relocating or buying and selling a car online. They have a vast network of drivers and carriers spread across the United States, enabling them to provide both local and long-distance transportation services.

To ensure efficiency and transparency, ADKOS Vehicle Transport provides detailed information about the transportation process, including the pickup and delivery schedules and the estimated time of arrival. Their customer service team is available to respond to inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally.

ADKOS Vehicle Transport prides itself on professionalism, integrity, and reliability, making them a top choice for anyone in need of vehicle transport services across the United States.

7801 E 71ST ST

USDOT#: 3064994
MC#: MC-57500

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3 reviews

    At first, communication with the staff was excellent and they were easy to work with. I even signed the contract two months ahead of schedule. However, as my shipping day neared, I felt compelled to reach out to them and inquire about the date since no transport company had been assigned to move my vehicle across the country. Although the staff assured me that the bid had been submitted and was awaiting company assignment, I was left without a solid answer. This only added to the stress I was already experiencing at the time. In fact, I was close to seeking assistance elsewhere when I finally received a call at the eleventh hour. It’s unlikely that I will use their service again.

    I was displeased with the price alteration that occurred while I was deployed, considering that it was not within my control to move my vehicle. Although the customer service was ok, the matter of the price fluctuation was troubling to me.

    Based on my personal experience, it is difficult to recommend this company. I was not made aware of any significant damage issues with my vehicle until it was delivered to me. I had opted for the premier service, hoping that my vehicle would receive extra attention and that any necessary repairs would be communicated to me. Unfortunately, when I contacted customer service after receiving my vehicle, their response did not meet my expectations for the level of service I had paid for.

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