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Ultimate Transport 123

1.2 Stars out of 5

ultimate transport 123

Ultimate Transport 123 is a renowned transportation company that is committed to providing exceptional quality transportation services to its clients. The company was started by transportation experts with an extensive background in providing transportation solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes. 123 has since established itself as a leading player in the transportation industry and has become the go-to company for clients in need of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective transportation services.

One of the things that sets Ultimate Transport 123 apart from the competition is its commitment to safety. The company employs a rigorous safety program that includes regular vehicle maintenance, driver training, and adherence to industry safety standards. This ensures that all vehicles and drivers are up to the task of providing safe and reliable transportation to customers.

Additionally, Ultimate Transport 123 offers a wide range of transportation services, each tailored to meet the unique needs of clients. From airport transfers, corporate transportation, and executive car services to group transportation, event transportation, and even medical transportation, the company’s fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles can handle any transportation need, big or small.

Another thing that makes Ultimate Transport 123 unique is its customer-centric approach to service delivery. The company takes great pride in providing personalized, attentive service to each customer. Whether you need a ride to the airport or a shuttle service for your corporate event, the company’s dedicated team of professionals is on hand to ensure that you get the best possible transportation experience.

With over a decade of experience in the transportation industry, Ultimate Transport 123 has built a reputation for excellence. The company’s commitment to safety, flexibility, and customer satisfaction has made it a preferred transportation solution for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you need transportation for a one-time event or ongoing services, 123 is the company to trust.

In conclusion, Ultimate Transport 123 is an outstanding transportation company that offers exceptional quality services to clients. The company’s commitment to safety, flexibility, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted transportation partner for clients in different industries. Contact 123 today and experience the best of transportation services.


USDOT#: 2247479
MC#: MC-724477

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car transport review

13 reviews

    They were courteous, on time and no damage to my vehicle. We did have a slight language issue. However, his helper was able to get things straight.
    All transporters come across as “rip offs”. The competition must be great. Would i use them again, yes.

    THIS IS A FRAUD COMPANY…… as far away from this company as you can. They LIE right off the bat by saying that they own their own trucks but THEY DO NOT OWN THEIR OWN TRUCKS, THEY ARE BROKERS. They will keep calling you to book with them and they will quote you a low price and how they will provide URL to check the live location of your car (you WILL NOT GET THE URL, they will claim some BS technical issue) but as soon as they have your card on file and your car then they show their true colors, the price goes up, they become EXTREMELY RUDE, WILL STOP TAKING YOUR CALLS. And since they don’t pick up your calls and the actual transport company wants more money, hence you have to pay coz they have your car. DON’T EXPECT ANY HELP FROM THIS COMPANY AFTER THEY HAVE YOUR CAR AND CREDIT CARD INFO. Beware of 2 employees of this company named Damiso and Jeremy, they both are a couple of lowlife crooks.

    I had a conversation with a friendly dispatcher named Anthony who I believed to be trustworthy. He assured me that their car transport company was “family-owned” and would not subcontract the transportation of my car like their competitors did. They claimed they could pick up my car within two days of the scheduled date. Based on his assurances, I decided to sign the contract. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a big mistake. The contract gave them a ten-day window for pick-up, which would have been a problem as I would have already left town by then. Additionally, upon reading the contract, I discovered that they actually outsourced the transportation to another dispatcher. Feeling deceived, I immediately tried to cancel the contract, but they imposed a $250 cancellation fee and even threatened to bill me the full amount of $1500 if I did not comply.

    I must emphasize that the second part of their actions is illegal, as it is not acceptable to bill for services that were not rendered. As a final attempt to salvage the situation, they pleaded for $100 in order to “part ways on good terms.” Luckily, I had already taken measures to prevent them from billing me on my credit card. I strongly advise against using this company. Take heed of the other negative reviews you might come across. They employ bait-and-switch techniques to secure contracts and then resort to threatening and harassing tactics to extort money from their customers.

    Beware as a customer! Ultimate Transport’s sales representative, Dana Passmore, was not transparent, and the contract that you will be asked to sign is also questionable. When I booked the transport of my vehicle for the end of July on May 24, 2023, I was told that there would be no reservation cancellation fee. However, when I called to cancel on June 1, 2023, Dana said that I would receive a credit with the company, but I was not told that there would be a cancellation fee. After I mentioned this, Dana said, “You didn’t ask. But let me see what I can do for you. Please reply ‘ok’ to the text I am about to send you so I can cancel your reservation. I will plead your case to my Manager.” I was hesitant about the text message, but Dana kept asking me to reply “ok” several times. Eventually, I gave in and replied “ok.”

    Later, when I reviewed the contract at home, I found no mention of a $250 cancellation fee. However, the text message from Dana stated that I agreed to pay a $250 fee. I doubt that a text message can be considered a binding contract. It’s clear that neither the company nor the sales representative can be trusted, and I strongly recommend staying away from Ultimate Transport.

    It is strongly advised to refrain from utilizing this company’s services. They have a record of deceit at every turn, therefore, assuming that any information provided by them is untrue is highly advisable. They are quite adept at giving clients whatever information they wish to hear. Additionally, the link they provide, which features good reviews, is a fraudulent site.

    To avoid a similar unpleasant experience, it is recommended to read honest reviews from past clients. Without a doubt, any adverse reviews will reflect this writer’s own experience.

    It was explicitly stated that the automobile would need to be loaded before transporting it from LA to FLA. They acknowledged this without hesitation and assured that no additional charges would incur via text, phone and in writing. Regrettably, the actual transport company charged an extra fee, or the automobile would have remained in LA.

    Their service was supposed to be door-to-door. It was explained that a plane ticket would be purchased once a pick-up date has been set. They promised that this would not be an issue, despite the inclusion of a two-day buffer beyond the scheduled pick-up date. In reality, this did not go as planned since the driver had to be met by a friend who had to take an Uber back to his car. A friend also had to meet up with the driver in Florida.

    The agreement was that the first deposit would be charged after the car has been picked up. Unfortunately, they charged the deposit on the same day the contract was signed.

    After the deposit was taken and issues arose, the broker assigned to the case, Casey, became unresponsive. Despite the panicked pleas for assistance, there was no response from him.

    It is strongly recommended not to employ the services of this company. Instead, it is recommended to get in touch with an established freight company rather than a broker.

    I gave a 1-star rating because the salesman, Patrick, was dishonest throughout the process. He falsely claimed that the company had its own drivers and was not a broker, which was not true. Additionally, he initially provided a quote, but increased the price by $300 just 15 minutes later. He also promised that no funds would be drafted until the truck was picked up, but they actually drafted their fee a day before. Furthermore, the details provided about the driver and freight company were inaccurate since they had no clue about the driver’s identity or location. Therefore, I strongly suggest using a reputable freight company instead of a broker.

    This is not a reputable business. They are complete scammers. First, they will lie to you and claim that they own their own carriers, which is completely false. Second, they will place a bid on your route without your consent. Third, they will deceive you into signing a contract just so they can charge you a cancellation fee.

    I even have a recording of Jason falsely claiming that his company owns the trucks used for transport. As soon as he knew he was being recorded, he hung up. When confronted about his lies, he claimed that his website is ranked at the top on However, it’s clear that all the transporters on there are rated five stars, which makes his claim suspicious.

    When I realized I had been lied to and tried to cancel the contract within two hours, Jason claimed that a carrier had already been assigned and demanded $795. But their online tracker showed that no carrier had been assigned. When I requested proof, he didn’t email me. And despite confirming my cancellation by email, he claimed that I had to request it by certified mail. It’s clear that Jason is a shady and scammy business.

    My experience with this company was nothing short of a nightmare. I had arranged for transportation of my car from California to New York well in advance of my move, but was repeatedly told that they were unable to schedule a driver in a timely manner. As a result, I was forced to arrange everything at the last minute, causing me needless grief and aggravation.

    On top of that, the company neglected to inform me that they could not deliver the car on weekends, despite my pickup being initially scheduled for a Saturday. To add insult to injury, they were also five days late in delivering the car, after promising that it would arrive by Friday morning. When I asked for an explanation, they offered none, other than to say that they had finally found a driver for the job.

    To make matters worse, they pushed the pickup time three hours back on the day of pickup, and charged me an extra $100 for the privilege. As a result, I was forced to rely on public transportation and ride-sharing services, spending far more money and time than I had anticipated.

    In summary, this company was an absolute disaster from start to finish. I highly recommend that anyone considering using them look for another option. As if things couldn’t get any worse, I recently discovered that several items were stolen from my car, including a new set of knives and some mats. I cannot express how terrible this company is, and urge others to stay away.

    Do not use this company!!!
    I was told by Ireen that an 84 foot truck was not an eighteen wheeler which it was every bit of one. the truck did make it to where it was suppose to but no trucks that big were not allowed in that area.
    The truck driver, Steve Milafsky with Image auto group LLC wanted to drop the motorcycles after 8pm. I talked him into the morning instead. Steve complained about Ireen not telling him that the bikes were Fatboys and not Softails and that if he knew they were Fatboys he would have never picked them up.
    I also had 5 extra bag under 50 lbs total which I got charged an extra fee no problem except Steve took off with one of my bags. i called him and he said that he would UPS it at his next stop almost 4 weeks later it finally arrived. during off loading time he needed our help because his partner, Mark Phillips was sleeping so he could not help.
    Ireen also told me they would be wrapped in cloth and would be washed as soon as they got off the truck.
    Steve told me sure i’ll drive them right to the car wash for you so they never got cleaned by them.
    I also had to buy a new battery because my main fuse was never taken out therefore my alarm drained it on the trip east. Ireen said that the drivers were Harley Davidson macanices so they should have know this but I doubt that they are.

    This was the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had a contract, made in the middle of March, and a window of time for them to pick up my car. They were to be at the house where the car was either March 30 or 31st. They never showed. I made many calls to them and my husband called them and they lied about coming out to the house. I continued to call on a daily bases about getting my car from Calif. to Ohio. Again empty promises. When I would call I would be transferred from department to department with each person more rude than the previous. Finally on May 16,2014 I told the 123 Auto Transport that I was done with them. They lied to me, they jacked up the price of transport, they were rude, they would yell at me over the phone, and they caused me to have a very stress full March, April and May. They said they were a family owned company and had trucks and transport equipment and were able to get anything anywhere. They took $200.00 deposit and did nothing. I would hope that no one else would have to go through all the stress I did dealing with this company. They are surely a black sheep company.

    What a nightmare! Promises shipment, delayed!! Impossible to contact once they got your deposit. Deposit to Auto Transport 123 on a credit card ended up being $70 more than contract, written and verbal. When I contacted them, rude was the order of the day!! I notified my CC and sent a copy of the contract, but I think they have the loop holes – what a hassle. One star because my car finally got there due only to the truck drive.

    They have friendly service people but do not like the way they do business. I made arrangements with them to pick up my father in laws car (he passed with cancer short notice) in Florida. Contacted my mother in law to give her the info (same day) she told me she didn’t think she could get rid of it just yet. Called them right back within a couple of hours (same day) to cancel they said fine but we are going to keep the $100.00 deposit you put on it. The car is still in Florida and they still got the $100.00. I guess thats one way to make money….

    Ross from Autotransport 123 is full of promises before he gets your deposit. Once he has your deposit he avoids you like the plague.After taking a deposit of $325.00 to ship my Motorcycle from Ft. Lauderdale to Tropical Shipping location in Reviera Beach I could not get them to pick up the bike after several calls. Eventually over a week later the dealer had to transport the bike himself. Dont give Ross or his brother your monry

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