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USDOT#: 4061390
MC#: MC-1541115

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3 reviews

    First I got a quote for $1050 and was told that the vehicle will be picked next day but the second day I received a call, was told that they will charge $ 1150 instead of $1050 I do not know whether it is their fault or otherwise. Anyway I got my vehicle in time. Thanks

    I had my truck shipped with transplicity. They were the worse people to deal with. Multiple times I had their customer service rep tell me to f-off and threaten to impound my truck. They also were 6 days late on shipping and told me to deal with it. I even was accused of not paying them after I received my truck.

      Mark, I’m really sorry that you had such a horrible experience, but I think you might have our company mistaken for another. I can’t find your name in our system, and all our calls are recorded. Our team knows that we only treat customers with respect or they’ll lose their job. I find it odd that this is the first time I’m hearing about this, since all customer complaints are directed to me and we always offer a money back guarantee on the customers deposit if something goes wrong. I urge you to find the right company and set the record straight for Transplicity or contact me directly so we can figure this out.
      Thank You,
      Nate Steele
      Founder & CEO

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