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SM Transports

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3964435
MC#: MC-1479476

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car transport review

18 reviews

    Looks like I got scammed by this company too. Same thing as everyone previous to my comment has been saying, bad communication, “vehicle problems”, and “break downs”, the works.

    Please, DO NOT trust this company. Someone needs to find these people and make them pay.

    As a lesson. NEVER, EVER wire money through things like Zelle, you will most likely never get your money back even if you call your bank for assistance. Cash on Delivery people.

    Very good service. Thank you so much to Mike. My car was delivered on time.

    Mike was great to work with. Very detailed and delivered a very precious car across 300 miles in 1 day. He was in constant communication so you knew when they would arrive at pick up and destination. Thanks to the whole team.

    Great company to work with, very professional people. Special shout out to zara – she’s doing a great job working and solving troubles both with customers and carrier companies. Incredibly polite and benevolent person.

    Pure scumbags
    They get the deposit never pickup the car try raising the price and after a month of being told the check is in the mail I’ve decided to check into there icc us dot numbers and report there activities and see if they can get audited and lose their credentials
    I was in the trucking business for 20 years and you just can’t get away with shit like that
    I believe that there numbers are registered in Virginia a simple call to DMV apportion department might go a long way

    Beware, beware! This outfit is a total scam. I am only posting this to help prevent others for being ripped off. They take a deposit and give you phone numbers to call, but once the deposit has been collected these mysterious phone numbers never answer again. The transportation was arranged three weeks in advance but the day of scheduled pick up was a big surprise when no driver arrived, and none of the phone numbers they had given me would answer. I can’t believe these scammers go to this big an effort to rip someone off for a $100 deposit.

    SM Transport is 100% scam. First, they low bid to get your listing. Then they “schedule pickup day” and ask “deposit”, but they have no intention to transport your car. To get your “deposit” SM Transport give you a fake phone number of “driver”, you even call to verify and it’s SM Transport phone number, and you speak to a person, who pretends to be a driver. Then you spent the whole day waiting, but driver will not come, and suddenly “driver” doesn’t answer phone. Then SM Transport say driver wants higher price (in my case price jumped from $675 to $2,495). Then SM Transport refuse to return your deposit. Do not pay a penny “deposit” upfront, until driver actually pickup your car. You lose money and, more important, you lose a lot of time to deal with these crooks.

    This company is a scam! Hours before the driver was supposed to pick up the car, apparently the driver’s engine “broke”. Who say’s “my engine broke a few hours ago”?? But he (Zach) conveniently found a new driver that costs $1,000 more. I had to get my car transported today so I had no choice but to pay the extra $1,000. I’ll be sure to report this company.

    This company is a scam, hours before picking up the cars he calls me to tell me that it is no longer the same price that has an increase of $300. This person Oscar the person who is in charge of managing the BAD payment PROCESS, everything is a lie the driver told me that this person is a very irresponsible broker

      This happened to me TODAY (4/30/2024). Hours before the driver was supposed to pick up the car, apparently the driver’s engine “broke”. Who say’s “my engine broke a few hours ago”?? But he (Zach) conveniently found a new driver that costs $1,000 more. I had to get my car transported today so I had no choice but to pay the extra $1,000. This company is a total scam!

    Well should have done my homework as well. They Damaged my car and now I’m getting the run around. Driver increased price from 1000 to 1350. Some guy named Oscar keeps telling me he can’t get in contact with the driver. Just a nightmare doing business with this company. Honestly i feel there will be no recovery for me. So people really do your research on these companies or you will end up like me.

    Totally suck. Such a scam. Do your homework. Don’t just fill out a form on a website and expect it to be an honest company. Buyer beware. Also that old adage, If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Dishonest criminals.

    Fraud – do not use. Promissed delivery 2 x then suddenly “the truck broke down” so they could not negotiate with a driver based on there lowball quote. Find a drivers connection OR most brokers will explain how the process works so there are good people. Too bad these companies continue to try to do business. AVOID.

    This company is a scam my experience was similar to previous reviews promised pick up drivers truck breaks down so they never show. Then price goes up significantly when they find a new Driver. I was promised multiple times that my refund was refundable and after 45days I am still waiting to get it back

    Bait and switch, low ball offer then double after they pick up your truck and they have you hostage because they have your truck in transit.

    This make believe establishment gets zero fuckin stars!!! Just another example of cliche scammers with thick foreign accents who use fake American names like Zoe and Zack. Like cmon man. It’s 2023 get original.

    I’m just gonna get straight to the point . For over a month I was contacted consistently by Zoe from Sm Transports, who told me time and time again it would only cost 425 to transport my vehicle from Florida to Ohio. When I asked if she was a broker or if they had trucks of their own, she said they had their own trucks. (Which I later found out was a lie ) Everything sounded good atm and It was the best price I found so when the time came to ship; I pulled the trigger and paid the initial 165 to get things scheduled.

    The nightmare begins on the day of pickup. I was called a couple hours before pickup time and given an excuse of a story why they couldn’t get there, which kept changing each time I questioned it. I realized in the moment there was jack-shit I could do. So I kindly asked if the driver could be there the following day by at least 7pm the latest. She agreed. The next god damn day I hear nothing from these fucking people all day! absolutely nothing. At 6:30 pm I decided to call them to check in and be briefed on the pickup intel. I’m for the first time Zoe didn’t answer the phone instead it was a man with an even thicker accent than her and I was told that his name was Zack. I tried my best to refrain my laughter. I told him what’s going on man? I haven’t heard from you guys all day. To my surprise he sounded startled and gave me the impression that he had no idea I had a reservation. He said he would call back in 30 minutes.

    40 minutes later I get a call back and he confidently says that the driver will be there at 9 and he calmly explains that suddenly the price in now 900 due to stipulations in the contract saying that the price is applicable to change. You could imagine my fucking frustration I have a packed 16 foot truck . I’m now sitting in an empty house and I’m waiting hours for my car to get picked up before I hit the road. When I exclaimed to him that this was unacceptable and not at all what Zoe assured me the experience would be, he smugly said because of the inconvenience he could pay 50 dollars from his own pocket for me . Imagine the fucking audacity .

    I ended up agreeing and in the end the driver got there at 10:30 pm. What happened was these pieces of shit lied to me from the start about not being brokers, when in actuality they were. They took my 165 from the get , and proceeded to find me a shipper on the very last minute of my very last day on my journey , which resulted in an astronomical difference in the originally quoted price. So unless you want to get severely ripped off and inconvenienced on a very important day of your life I suggest that you DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BUSINESS!!!

    Please guys do not work with this company they scam they change prices. All time and they ask for deposit and the drive never show up to pick up your cars. Don’t put on that situation never give money to them. They will promise that someone will come and get your car but they don’t have nobody. This Girl name Emma she told me our price for shipping was 700 after someone call me and told me the shipping was going to be $2000
    They are not trustworthy please never hire this service for you …….scam

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