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Saks Auto Trans

1.0 Stars out of 5


Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716


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2 reviews

    DO NOT USE SAKS AUTO TRANSPORT!! The owner of Saks Auto Transport is Al (Alex). He’s a one-man shop, as it turns out, and he’s a crook and a scammer. On 3/1/16 I gave him a deposit of $200 on his quoted delivery price of $400. When Al told me ten days later that he couldn’t find a driver who would deliver for that price, I canceled the order. He then got very rude and discourteous, but then finally sent me a cancellation order on 3/28/17 and promised a prompt refund of the $200 deposit. That never happened. I talked with him on many occasions in 2016 as well as many more times in 2017, all documented. Every time we talked he said he’d get back with me as soon as his bookkeeper found the paperwork. Of course, he has never gotten back and has not refunded the money, even after my July 2017 ultimatum letter to him.

    Alex at SAKS asked for my credit card #, saying that he would not charge $125.00 to it until he found a truck to pick up my car – but he DID charge it immediately BEFORE finding a truck. I checked my card on line & there it was. I called & told Mike to cancel my order (I got a truck from Mercury) & refund my CC & he said OK, but he DID NOT. I called Alex, he said he would get with the billing dept. & issue a refund. 5 days later – no refund. Now he says to give him some time to work on it. No one from SAKS called me about a truck! I called them to cancel my order. They took my $125.00 up front before getting a truck & now they want to keep it. DISHONEST!

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