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Safe Side Transportation

1.0 Stars out of 5

AURORA, IL 60504

USDOT#: 4024802
MC#: MC-1519042

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6 reviews

    All the positive ratings are fake, posted by the scammers themselves using different google accounts. They are a bunch of scammers sitting in a foreign country with a US phone number.

    They don’t answer your calls because they don’t want you to hear their foreign accent. They will offer you an affordable quote. Then hold your vehicle hostage, with no update whatsoever through the process, until the last minute, when your car is supposed to be picked up. Now they will tell you, the original driver cancelled on them and the only new driver they find demand a new rate, doubled the original one. They will also refuse to remove your vehicle from their load on Central Dispatch so you can’t work another car shipping company.

    Please avoid them and report them to the authority.

    Total scam. They quoted me one price and at the last minute (the day they were supposed to transport my car), they increased the price by almost 50%. What a scam!

    I contracted with Safe Side Transportation to ship my car from New York to Denver the day of shipping they said they could not ship my car for the contracted price and increased the price by six hundred dollars. If I chose to go with another contractor they would not refund my deposit of two hundred dollars. The way they do business is unethical a typical bait and switch with no remorse . I strongly suggest not to use this company in any way shape or form.

    They are a bait and switch company. Quote and contract for one price and then don’t have drivers and then try to gouge you on delivery day

    Safe Side Transport – quotes you a price, and then on pick-up day, tells you they have a driver ready to go, but…For about 50% more than the original quote! Tell them “No-way, Jose”, and they will call back with a slightly reduced cost and the “Well, this is the only driver available for today.” Sad think was, this company was recommended to me by a Big Three dealership salesman! I don’t plan to give them a red cent more than what they quoted…if no go, then I’ll fly down and drive the vehicle home myself!

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