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NextUp Logistics

1.0 Stars out of 5

628 NW 89TH AVE

USDOT#: 3992063
MC#: MC-1497893

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car transport review

5 reviews

    DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY,,,,, They low ball the quote and fail to make good on it.

    Kyle Robinson and Chris failed to transport my car, they charged a $100.00 “fuel fee” and then no one calls back nor did they refund my money. This is fraud and a scam.

    I spoke to Chris from NextUp Logistics and agreed on $250 cc deposit and $500 Cash on Delivery, to have my car picked up and transported from Jackson Heights, NY to Miami, FL . He said he would call me a day or two before they pick up my car, they never called I had to call him multiple times. Chris calls me a few days later asking me to cashapp his driver more money after we had already agreed on payment method and price. After my car gets picked up they took 6 days to deliver after telling me they would only take 2 days to deliver. After they picked up my car ALL communication stopped, nobody from Nextup Logistics would pick up the phone or call me back after I texted them and left multiple messages. Once my car finally got delivered the truck driver refused to give me my car unless I paid $1,100 cash on delivery to him instead of the $500 C.O.D. Chris from Nextup Logistics initially told me i’d have to pay. UNPROFESSIONAL!! STAY AWAY! Lack communication, integrity, and change price upon delivery doesn’t matter if NextUp Logistics send you a receipt.

      I am experiencing the same thing and am furious. About to get the authorities involved to try to get my money back. Not happy!

      Same issue With Kyle and Chris they get a down payment and then left me hanging. This company is using low ball quotes and then your held hostage by the delivery drivers.

      Let’s start a criminal complaint. File a report with DOT

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