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Profexo shipping website

Profexo Auto Shipping is a reputable and reliable company specializing in the transportation of vehicles. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Profexo Auto Shipping has built a solid reputation in the industry and has become a preferred choice for individuals and businesses looking to transport their vehicles across the country or internationally.

One of the key features that separates Profexo Auto Shipping from other auto transport companies is their extensive network of carriers and drivers. This network allows them to provide efficient and timely services to their customers, regardless of their location. Whether it’s a compact car, luxury vehicle, or even heavy machinery, Profexo Auto Shipping has the resources to handle any type of vehicle transport with ease.

Profexo Auto Shipping understands the value of customers’ vehicles and ensures their safety throughout the transportation process. They employ trained and experienced drivers who adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that vehicles are handled and transported with the utmost care. Additionally, Profexo Auto Shipping offers comprehensive insurance coverage for added peace of mind, protecting customers against any potential damages during transit.

What sets Profexo Auto Shipping apart is their dedication to personalized customer service

They understand that every customer has unique requirements and specific timelines, so they tailor their services accordingly. From providing flexible pickup and delivery options to offering real-time tracking of the vehicles, Profexo Auto Shipping ensures that customers are kept informed and involved throughout the transport process.

Profexo Auto Shipping also prides itself on its transparency and competitive pricing

They provide customers with accurate quotes upfront, eliminating any hidden fees or surprises. Their commitment to fair and honest pricing has earned them the trust and loyalty of countless customers.

In addition to their exceptional services, Profexo Auto Shipping is also committed to environmental sustainability. They take measures to minimize their carbon footprint by employing fuel-efficient carriers and implementing eco-friendly practices whenever possible.

Overall, Profexo Auto Shipping is a premier auto transport company that offers reliable, safe, and cost-effective vehicle transportation solutions. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive network of carriers, and personalized service, Profexo Auto Shipping stands out as a trusted partner for all vehicle shipping needs.


USDOT#: 3843774
MC#: MC-1398737

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car transport review

8 reviews

    I’m still waiting for them to give me a pick up date for tomorrow. The man I dealt with is named Dave. It’s funny how they’re supposed to have a top rating. I will sue them if they don’t show up.

    Low life. No show on date don’t answer any phone numbers. Took credit card 200.00 I’ll never get back these are trash and cannot be trusted run away fast. If they chase you use shotgun

    This was one of the WORST experiences I have ever had with any company. They are complete scammers!!! We arranged for covered transport over a month in advance for a specific delivery date. We were assured that since this was a covered transport, there would be 2 drivers in line to assure the pick up and delivery of the vehicle. I contacted them the week of the pick up & was assured all was well. I mainly dealt with Sebastian who continued to say all was in order and that the drivers documents were being verified. Now comes pick up day & suddenly the first drivers credentials were not valid and the second drivers trailer was leaking some sort of fluid. We have gone from 2 drivers to zero drivers. I was in constant contact with the company in an attempt to resolve this issue and have them fufill the terms of the contract. After many heated discussions I am told of an “elite” carrier that is available that evening BUT it is going to cost me over $900 MORE than the original amount.
    Bottom line…they quote you a price, fill the transaction with lies & basically back you against the wall since it is not too late to do anything else since the vehicle needs to get to its destination. RUN FAR AWAY from this company!!!

    Prodexo Inc, is a scam, they will quote the lowest price for auto transport and then before the pickup they raise the price when they know you will not be able to find another auto transporter. Stay away form this dishonest company.

    Stay away from this company. Run by some of the most shady crooked men that have immigrated to our country and cant understand how honest business is to be done in the USA! First I was contracted at a great rate, should have know better. Then they cant find a carrier, cant find a driver, raise the rate by 400 dollars which was honestly more in line with most of the quotes. The afternoon before the pickup, they call and tell me that they have sent another invoice I needed to pay, for $200, this was in addition to the $170 broker fee I had paid many weeks before. They stated the driver was demanding $200 “emergency fuel surcharge” and that they had to wire the money to him. I called BS on this, called the actual carrier who stated no that was never a practice and to just not speak further to them. The next day car is picked up, before the driver loads the car, I confirm how must I am to pay upon delivery, $1250 in case. That was inline with my expectation.

    The morning of the pickup they send the carrier an amended invoice for $1450 when the driver is already in-route to pickup. They stated to carrier that I had agreed to this amount since I did not pay broker fee.
    I informed the carrier I saw the invoice when pickup occurred, $1250. I told them I would see them in court and they could impound the car and I would have there broker license revoked and sue them for breach of contract. Only after yelling at 2-3 “managers” with Profexo who would never give me their names when requested as I intend to use their names in a civil suit did they agree to “waive” the fee.

    Stay away at all cost.

    I will be filing a complaint with the Dept Transportation, BBB, and filing a suit against them in Dearborn, MI civil court, in short they will pay more than they think in lawyer fees than they ever thought about making off me. Welcome to America you scumbags.

    Check their yelp reviews, tons of customers scammed or attempted to be scammed just like me.

    Terrible experience with this shipping company. Do not trust them. They bid the lowest price then re-negotiate the day of pick up. Awful business tactics. They also pay for reviews so the good ones you see are not real.

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