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Premium Auto Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5

8644 121ST ST APT 1B

USDOT#: 3834642
MC#: MC-1392302

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car transport review

6 reviews


    Premium Auto WILL NOT ship your vehicle. They will take your money UPFRONT before contacting any potential drivers and does not intend on providing you the services they quote you for.

    Their quotes are always lower than the other competition because THEY ARE BROKERS WHO WILL NOT REACH OUT TO DRIVERS. They will just take your money.

    NEVER pay up-front for a broker to reach out to drivers.

    I learned the hard way and want to ensure no one else falls for the scam that “David” is running with “Premium Auto Shipping”

    Stop and read: Premium Auto Shipping inc. Richmond Hill NY is a slippery slimy SCAM company. They are brokers only, they have a list of independent contractors/carriers.
    I contacted Premium Auto Shipping in November 2023, for a pickup and delivery. After finalizing the quote (mistake) with David Smith the date was scheduled.The day of the pickup David text me and said the scheduled carrier could not pickup the vehicle but David will try to locate another carrier. After a brief moment David called me and said he had great news he located another carrier and the vehicle could be picked up later that day. BUT it will cost you an additional $300. After a yelling match, I told David to reschedule the pickup for a future date and secure the original quote. The next date open was in December. Again the day of pickup David calls me and said the carriers rear. axel is broken and can’t make it BUT he’ll try to locate another carrier. Again after waiting a brief moment David called and said he located another carrier but the carrier could not be there until the next day. Again the day of pickup David called me and said the carrier is on his way BUT it will cost you an additional $300. After another yelling match I wanted this nightmare to be over with so we settled on &250 (I later found out that the carriers service was deducted the $50.dollars …. take it or leave it) The vehicle was picked up and delivered without a scratch. The carrier who is independent was very professional.
    My experience with Premium Auto Shipping was horrible and I felt so violated and helpless, they had my deposit (non-refundable) the balance and most of all my vehicle.
    My advice always get an actual cost not a quote. Research the company Up and Down (Better Business Bureau) Many of the positive feedbacks could be posted by the company. Locate a carrier that owns it’s own fleet so you’re dealing with the companies staff.
    Again stay away from Premium Auto Shipping “bait and switch” Good Luck

    First, Premium Auto Shipping are thieves and liars. They told me on the phone, repeatedly that the price they were quoting was solid and not an estimate. Then, after paying the $150 down payment, they called the next morning and doubled the amount due at delivery. I told them the car was at a car lot and didn’t run. (why would I ship a car that runs?) They then said that I told them it was at a residence and did run. Why would I lie about that? I gave them the address and business name, which was obviously a car lot! When we agreed at a price at delivery, the driver told me he had accepted the contract two days earlier for $200 less than Premium was asking. They said I could cancel the contract for a $200 fee. So I would have to pay $200 to get my $150 back. They are now refusing to ship my car and refusing to give me my money back.
    Shaun at PAS is a lying theif.

      Hi ATMedley
      I went through the same nightmare with Premium Auto Shipping. Even though it was a Bad Experience I’ve learned from it and put it behind me. Believe in Karma

    These folks are a complete scam. Don’t pay attention to the “positive” reviews. The sites filter out all the negative reviews 4 stars or less. I’ve posted 20 reviews on the site and none of them show up. I posted a 4 star review and it shows. So out of the positive reviews, which are probably entered by the company themselves, there are probably 50 negative ones to go with each.

    Here is the scam them pull, quote a low price, get a deposit and then the day before pickup tell you that you need to pay more money because of x, y or z. Pick one. Since you are usually stuck, the customer just pays it. This happened to a friend of mine so the below is what I did.

    I demanded a deposit refund for an upcoming move. They told me to remove the dispute and we will issue the refund. NFW. If you remove the dispute…you cannot reopen it. This is what they are counting on. So I told them the dispute stays until the refund is issued. If you don’t remove the dispute, Venmo (or whatever cash app you use) will reimburse you under the buyer protection program. Then they will block the user from accepting any more cash. This MAY just hinder them a bit before they just open up a new account under a different name, but at least it makes them work a bit for trying to screw us over. It is laughable. They are threating me with legal action. I’m a corporate lawyer! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bring it on!

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