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JK Auto Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3807857
MC#: MC-1373030

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6 reviews

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER . 516-656-1474. 516-656-1471

    SCAMMERS!!!! First , they don’t accept credit cards. 3 days of them telling me they are looking for a drive, it’s busy because of the holiday (so I understood). They tell me Thursday that they have a driver for Friday for sure and to call Friday am for the pick up time slot.

    I call Friday AM and They tell me 2-3pm. 3:30 no one has showed up. I call the company to they tell ME to call the driver. The driver says the pick up is scheduled for SATURDAY and to call Sat morning for the time.

    I call Saturday morning and the driver tells me he his no longer contracted and to call the agent. Well Daniel )agent) is longer answering my calls or messages. I have my son call from his phone Daniel answers, but when my son starts questioning him, he hangs up and blocks his calls.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER . 516-656-1474. 516-656-1471

      If you ever want to proceed to do anything against this company let me know. I was a victim of the same scam. I needed my car transported and the last minute he tried to double the price saying he had no drivers. He never gave me my deposit back. After he tried to charge me double the price and I pulled back.

    This company is dishonest and will scam you. If you read this and still use them, consider yourself warned.

    I contracted them to move my car across the country and then back. They quoted me a price that was lower than some of the others, which should have set off a warning in my mind. However, I spoke with the representative, and he was clear that the quoted price was firm. I provided a $200 deposit for each direction and signed the contract. I was a bit worried because the contract says the quoted price may change. The rep said that the language was just boilerplate in case of emergencies and not to worry. He even agreed to send me written verification that the price he gave was firm and would not change.

    The day before the pickup, they were supposed to call with driver details. They didn’t call. We called them, and they said the driver would call the next day. The next day, no driver called. We called them, and the rep said that the situation has changed. The new price was nearly double the original price. After much arguing, I gave up on the company, realizing that they were never going to honor the agreed-upon price.

    I ended up shipping with another, more reputable company, but I am still trying to get my second deposit back. Unbelievably, the rep still thinks I would trust him to ship my car back at the end of summer.

    These guys are straight up criminals, and I will work hard to expose their nefarious schemes. Hopefully, everyone who is thinking about working with them will read this and take my advice to stay away from them.

      I’m in! Yes, they are criminals. They should pay one way or the other!! Let’s expose these Scammer’s!!

    If i could give them 0 stars I would. Help us spread this scammers. Please stay away from this auto shipping company. They’re absolutely scammers. They’re having different contract with the dispatcher and with us and ending up paying more. Wish we read the reviews first before agreeing with this liars. We have all the proof that’s why we’re suing this company. They’re crazy. #jkautoshippingscammers

    Stay away from this company. They were the very first company that reached out to me to have my car shipped. They asked for a deposit first in order for them to secure and confirm my appointment time. Communication was initially great until the day my car needed to ship. They told me the driver was in route to the dealership but “car broke down”. They said they’ll get someone to pick it up on Friday but did not hear from them. When i did reach out they said they were not able to get a driver but promise they’ll have someone first thing Monday morning. I couldn’t wait and found a different Car company who was able to ship my car on Monday. I’ve asked for a refund for my deposit since they were not able to deliver what they promised. They told me that would refund me my deposit and it’s been over two months. Each time I reach out to them it’s a different excuse. Starting with “my refund is in que” “In 2-3 days it will be done” “Refund has been approved” “We are facing problems with our Zelle account that’s why you haven’t received your refund yet” “Our zelle account is current disabled impacting our company but will refund you as soon as it’s working” ” Our account was activated and we refund you soon”

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