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Goliath Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

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USDOT#: 2870101
MC#: MC-962212

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4 reviews

    Once Brenden Kurtyka took my deposit, he stopped responding to all communications. I was promised a pick up time and no driver showed up. Completely unacceptable especially when you have to move out of a house and catch a flight to move across the country. Before I knew it my car was now in the new home owners driveway still waiting to be picked up. Goliath is completely useless.

    Warning! This service is not recommended. The drivers they hire either lack insurance or refuse to collaborate with insurance providers. Despite notifying Goliath on several occasions, the issue remains unresolved with minimal cooperation. This unacceptable behavior was evident when one of the drivers allowed my car to roll off the trailer and severely damage the bumper because he stepped out to verify something.

    Auto transportation brokers have a tarnished reputation for cheating clients and dodging responsibility when mishaps happen. Unfortunately, my experience with Brendan, a broker from Goliath Auto Transport, demonstrated this flaw. Though initially helpful, Brendan refused to take accountability and instead pointed fingers elsewhere when things went awry. Therefore, I strongly advise steering clear of this business.

    Brendan appeared reliable and informative when answering my questions about their services before I made my deposit. However, my rating of this transport company decreased by two stars because Brendan’s communication became unresponsive after my initial deposit. Due to a filter for unknown messages, I didn’t receive any notifications from the shipping company about who would make contact and when. Consequently, I messaged Brendan for additional information about whether I was set for a specific date, but I didn’t receive any response. When I checked my messages again, I noticed that the shipper had contacted me. Since I needed to verify the appropriate communication channel, I texted Brendan for clarification, but he never replied.

    What added to my disappointment was that after Brendan received my deposit, he stopped communicating altogether. Fortunately, the shipping company that he proposed to use remained in good contact until delivering my car.

    Alert!!! The assigned driver did not arrive!!! I had to scramble and secure a replacement at triple the cost!!!

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