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Flix Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

AUSTIN, TX 78730

USDOT#: 3741735
MC#: MC-1324801

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car transport review

8 reviews

    This company hire people to fraud, so do not expect any good service in any other services. Hired me through Upwork, then by showing lack of time tracker usage cos of my laptop, but he approved this situation in the beginning – he rejected to pay my well deserved money.

    This company gave me a quote of $525 my car was suppost to be picked up Saturday. Monday morning they called claiming I had to pay them $200 more because they cant find a driver to carry it for that price.

    I told them no. They claimed im breaking the agreement so I will not get my money back. I yold them they broke the agreement by not honoring the time nor the price quoted.
    I then called the owner of the business who LIED and claimed that i cant get a refund because i advertised with 2 other company. This is rediculous, why would i pay a deposit to 3 different companies to carry my car that made absolutely no sense.

    I called back the secretary claimed i was getting back my money, she then transferred me to the owner who indicated that i wasnt getting my money back because I advertised with multiple (2 other) companies and I left a bad review so he is going to sue me. Well here is my HONEST REVIEW OF THESE SCAMMERS. If you dont want to be ROBBED stay away from these people they are not just LIARS but also THEIVES.

    Seems like they are up to the same shady, despicable bait and switch tactics. Contracted with Flix for a confirmed price. Pick up dates were set and onhe first date for pick up, Flix calls me and tried to upcharge me $500, telling me that is what the driver was demanding. But Flix was going to be my hero by covering $100 of the extra $500! My option was to take or leave it. I cancelled forcing me to find an alternative in short notice. Truly Despicable people. DO NOT deal with this company.

    If I could give Flix Auto Transport ZERO stars, I would. My car was scheduled to be picked up last night, even though I urged their representative to schedule the pick-up for the following day. However, she insisted on having it picked up last night and assured me that it would be picked up at 9pm. At 4pm I got a call from the trucking company saying that their driver is going to leave/not pick-up my car, because he doesn’t want to wait. At that point I had already booked my flight and hotel, and was planning to fly out at 7:30am the following morning. I begged them to wait and said I would make it to the pick-up location at 7pm – WHICH I DID. I dropped off the car, signed the papers, and left. An hour and a half later I got a call that they were not able to fit my car on the truck and I needed to come back to get my vehicle. So at that point, I was already going to miss my 7:30am flight the following morning. I get a call from Flix in then morning saying that they found another truck to pick up my car for $50 more than they originally quoted. I told them I wasn’t paying more, and they agreed to the original rate, but could not tell me WHEN that day the car would be picked up, which I needed to know, because I was not willing to pay for ANOTHER night in the hotel – I already had to pay $150 to change my flight! The guy on the phone was rude and totally unprofessional. I told them to give me a refund and I would not be using their services. They’re incompetent and can’t be trusted. DO NOT HIRE THEM!


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