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C&C Car-Go Plus

1.0 Stars out of 5

SUITE 2803
DENVER, CO 80201

USDOT#: 3021159
MC#: MC-34427

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car transport review

5 reviews

    Do not use, a guy name Leo will take your deposit and contact you until day of pickup, then the day of pick up nobody shows up or calls and they take your $ huge scam

    Buyer beware, this company is a broker, not a direct shipper! They will promise anything to get your deposit, and then you will never hear from them ever again they force you to deal with the load transporter that they broker the load to. If any of the paperwork is incorrect, you were forced to pay the actual transporters fees CNC will never return your call text message or email. They are an absolute scam in the industry.

    This is a terrible company to work with. I had a Corvette shipped from Oregon to Virginia and Mike, the representative, lied from the beginning by stating the delivery would only take 4-6 days. After placing the order, there was no further contact until I called on the fifth day for an update. Mike then transferred me to dispatch, who stated the delivery would take 7 to 10 days and were confused as to why Mike had given me incorrect information. On day 10, I called again to inquire about my car’s whereabouts and was told it would arrive on day 14. However, upon calling on day 14, I was informed the car was in Vancouver, Washington, and could not be delivered due to a lack of drivers. It wasn’t until day 20 that I finally received the vehicle. I do not recommend this company as they are not trustworthy and I feel it necessary to report them to the DOT. At one point, I even began to suspect this might be a scam and my car was stolen.

    This place is awful never do business. It’s a scam. They will take your money and not give you service never never do business with this company you will never hear from them again.

    I believe that this company is a complete joke. They took our money for the reservation and have failed to meet their promises to call back or return our calls. My vehicle was supposed to be picked up either yesterday (5-7-18) or today (5-8-18), and after finally getting in touch with them today, they informed us that they are still waiting on a driver confirmation. This behavior is completely unacceptable, and I will never recommend this company to anyone.

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