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Yellowfin Logistics

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3292887
MC#: MC-1043046

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10 reviews

    The worst logistics company ever! Don’t use them. Once they get your money and there’s any issue…forget about a response, you will be SOL. Carrier couldn’t start car with keys, broke exhaust, bent frame with a forklift and lost the title.If you want them to help you find a carrier, good luck. If you want someone to find a professional carrier, use anyone except Yellowfin Logistics LLC

    We worked with John from Yellowfin to get my son’s car moved from California to Ohio and could not be more pleased with our experience! It was the first time I have ever had a car transported and I wasn’t sure what to expect. John was very patient and kind with me in explaining the process and putting my mind at ease. I had contacted some other brokers who flaked out but not John. The transport was within our budget and it was locked in. More money wasn’t even asked for on delivery of vehicle. Once John found a committed driver, the turn around was super fast. The pick up and drop off of the vehicle was very smooth! John was very quick to communicate, and respond to any of my questions. If I need to transport any more vehicles, I’ll definitely reach back out to John from Yellowfin!

    Chuck from Yellowfin Logistics has been a lifesaver for me.
    After over 4 weeks of dealing with other transport companies offering low prices, getting deposits on credit cards, then changing prices..a nightmare!
    I found Chuck! Yellowfin.
    I truly wish I could list these other companies who put me and the sellers thru hell!
    Gave me a price.agreed.
    Very reasonable.
    But the big thing!
    Within 1 day..he had my car picked up.
    Now I’m listing my other 2 with him.
    Driver for #2 car already made contact with me.
    Driver Anton who delivered my 1st car for me very nice.
    To those who are needing transportation for your vehicle.
    I am real
    I have not been paid to say nice things!
    You want piece of mind.
    I tell you true..
    Reach out for Chuck Yellow Fin.
    And always kept me informed!
    I say this,
    Don’t take the lowest bid!
    It’s bait and switch.
    It’s extortion what some of these companies do to you!

    Chuck was like a life saver to me!

    Thank You Chuck!
    All the best to you!

    I have had the worst experience ever shipping my vehicle with this company. Absolutely horrible. The shipper they assigned my car to wasn’t vetted at all named “Green Way Autos”. Run when you see that name, they are criminals. The manager Serg, Dan and the owner Vartanyan Oganes are straight up crooks. They used a young highly inexperienced 25 year old to deliver a $100,000 Mercedes and they cracked my glass roof and ripped my bumper when offloading the car. I also watched the trucker ripped up the bumper of a Corvette Z06 that was in front of my car. Absolutely terrible.

    I should have listened to the reviews when I read them because I kept seeing Chuck’s name come up with multiple complaints. And this company didn’t give me the curtesy of refunding my $450 deposit as a sign of good faith. I instead kept getting feedback that it wasn’t their fault but they assigned Green Way auto and couldn’t even find their insurance information to send over for a claim to be filed.

    I will be suing Yellowfin and Greenway and i’m currently fighting with their insurance company to pay the damages in the amount of $10,000 they have caused.

    If you are transporting a vehicle for the first time, save yourself days of stress and aggravation and DO NOT use Yellowfin Logistics. Their communication regarding a first-time experience was absolutely horrible throughout the entire process. Once they received my deposit, nothing happened as was discussed, and not a single time did Chuck at Yellowfin initiate a communication to inform me of the latest significant change to a previously discussed plan.

    I had made it very clear to Chuck when we first talked that I had never transported a vehicle before and was unaware of how it all worked. He assured everything would be great and not to worry about a thing. That is why I chose Yellowfin. Unfortunately, the entire experience resulted in negative surprise after surprise, and me having to initiate communication to find out why things weren’t happening as promised.

    I’ve never felt more “left in the dark” or with a sense of being bamboozled than I have with Chuck and Yellowfin Logistics.

    Again, if this is your first time transporting a vehicle, DO NOT use Yellowfin Logistics.

    I am so glad I used Yellowfin Logistics for transporting my car. Everything was great!

    Shipped my vehicle from CA to NY the task was assigned to Marcus who was extremely professional and pleasing to work with. All my messages and calls were answered to, the service provided by him was extraordinary. The driver was also fantastic.

    There are no words to accurately describe the level of service I received from Chris at Yellowfin Logistics. But let me first start by going back to the very beginning. I needed to transport a car from Chicago to Vegas. Did all my homework and went with one of the “most top rated” auto shipping companies lauded all over the internet. I needed my car to be picked up by a specific date and was assured this would be no problem. Date arrived and still nothing. I was told the route was uncharacteristically quiet and that there were no trucks currently available. I called a friend of mine who had recently shipped his car from Vegas. He put me on to Chris at Yellowfin who took my call after hours. Chris spent over an hour with me on the line calling his network for this route. He couldn’t get me an immediate pick up but promised to burn the midnight oil and would get back to me the next day. By morning I had a carrier ready and waiting to load up in Chicago. Chris had managed to find a driver who was willing to go slightly off his route to accommodate me. I can’t remember the last time I received service that made me feel more than just the average Joe. And I’ve just received a followup call today making sure my car was delivered safely and to my satisfaction. Well satisfied does not do it justice. I can only spread news of my experience as far and wide as I can and hope that it does Chris and Yellowfin Logistics justice. Thank you guys, you’ve made this Average Joe feel valued!

    I was quoted $995 for delivery. This included 100lbs of items in the car. If over, I would be charged an extra $100 for up to 200lbs of items ($1095 total). This is fine. I requested a full upfront payment of the amount, but was denied with the repeated statement “no, it is company policy” I was out of town for both pickup and delivery — my family would give/receive the keys in my place. I was told this was OK. I paid $95 deposit 02/11 = $900 remaining. On the day of pickup 02/14 N(2 days late from what I expected), the driver DID NOT WEIGH THE ITEMS but claimed I had more than 100lbs and charged me $150 (which SHOULD BE $100). I immediately contacted Yellowfin — Mary — who assured me twice that everything was okay. She stated it would only be an extra $100 if over 100lbs. So we signed off on the $150, assuming some agreement between the driver and YF had taken place. At delivery 02/19, the driver again argued that it was $150 extra. I reached out to YF who “could not do anything” because the driver stated it was over 100 lbs. There was no documentation of weight. They could NOT tell me how much my items weighed. The driver only assumed and now was charging $50 more than the extra $100 I was assured. When I reviewed the contract, I noticed a clause protecting YF NOT the consumers. Mary did not mention this on 02/14. There is NO WAY to tell if the driver is lying or if Mary AND the driver were scamming me. All Mary said was “Trust me..” I refused to pay $1050 because even with the extra $100 charge, my remaining total should only be $1000. Mary argued this and when I sent her the BASIC MATH, she went silent. No response. I also saw that the contract ALLOWED full payment of the delivery, which I was denied. I sent this to Mary as well. NO RESPONSE. So I put my foot down, paid $1000, and the driver, after yelling, said OK. Turns out he charged $50 TO MY FAMILY ON PICKUP WHO WAS NOT ON THE CONTRACT WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! YF only said “He will get bad score from that” I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and YF said “We did not physically assess your luggage. Nor did we charge you anything outside of your agreement with us. The Carrier was responsible for both.” If you are not the one physically assessing my lugging or ensuring that my contract prevails, then how can you charge fees for items YOU don’t weigh? Totally not worth doing business.

    Is there an option for negative 5 stars??? Danielle was the representative that blew my cell phone up after an online inquiry regarding transport of my Active Duty daughter’s car from VA to CA. For lack of a better adjective, she SUCKS! None of the communication or pickup/delivery timeline she quoted when she was soliciting business we’re true. ALL communication was initiated by me, after I paid a deposit and signed a contract. After that- she only communicated through text! She connected me FAST CAR GO for shipping and there aren’t harsh enough adjectives in the English language to describe my experience with this company. In short, DO NOT USE YELLOWFIN LOGISTICS or any broker that connects you with Fast Car Go Trucking. HEED THIS WARNING and save yourself from a living nightmare!!!

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