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Advanced Car Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5


9221 SW 66TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33173

USDOT#: 2866519
MC#: MC-960383

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car transport review

9 reviews

    The communication system of the brokers in this company needs major improvement. They prioritize closing deals over providing accurate pickup and drop off schedules. Furthermore, their drivers can’t speak English and often fail to give advance notice for deliveries. The lack of transparency is alarming, and customers are expected to adjust their schedules according to the driver’s availability. Unfortunately, the trucks and carrier trailers employed by the company are unreliable as evidenced by a breakdown that caused delay without adequate compensation.

    It is highly advised to avoid doing business with this company. My attempt at having my vehicle relocated from Pasadena, Texas to California was fraught with deceit, equivocation, and inaction, unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. They did not fulfill their agreement to transport my vehicle but retained my payment nonetheless. Protect yourself from this untrustworthy establishment.

    I highly advise against using this company. Two weeks prior to my car shipment, Advanced provided a quote of $810. They promised to assign a driver within 4 to 5 days and assured me they would call back once everything was arranged. Despite leaving 4 messages over the course of a week, I never received a call back and had to keep calling until someone answered. They consistently assured me everything was on track, but three days before pickup, I had to start calling again. Only on the fourth attempt did I reach someone who explained that it was taking longer than expected to assign a driver. I suspect this is a common tactic. The day before pickup, I finally received an email confirming a driver was assigned but now the rate was $1050. When I complained, they informed me that no driver would take the vehicle for the quoted price. To top it off, the driver who came was extremely unprofessional and could barely speak English. Overall, this was an incredibly unsatisfactory experience. I urge you to avoid this company and the headache it may bring.

    This company provided an incredibly poor experience, indicating that they shouldn’t even be in business. Their unprofessionalism resulted in wasted time and money. It’s best to avoid working with this group altogether as they do not operate as a serious business. Take caution.

    Initially, I was provided with a fixed quote of $1400 to transport my truck. However, just three days prior to the scheduled pickup, I was notified of a sudden and significant hike in the transportation cost, now totaling $1900. This sudden change in price indicates a lack of professionalism and suggests that the transport company may be fraudulent.

    Failed to deliver on promises. Neglected to respond to phone calls. After inquiring about the process for shipping insurance, they ceased communication. Furthermore, when they failed to meet the agreed upon pickup date, I contacted another company and received prompt assistance.

    Avoid using this service as they lack professionalism. Despite promising to call back, they fail to do so. I had made bookings with a 5-day window from Nevada, but they missed my two-day window. Disappointing!

    I truly wish I could leave a less than one-star review. We had an agreement in place and waited for the designated date. However, no one contacted me. When I called, I found out that they didn’t have any drivers available in my area and that the cost had gone up. The individual assigned to me became incredibly rude, but they were replaced by a more pleasant representative who assured me they were doing their best. After waiting two months, someone finally agreed to pick up my car, but they were demanding and disrespectful when it came to scheduling. The representative even said the driver could stay a bit longer, but then abruptly contacted me with a 10-minute response time when I was at work. Two weeks later, I hadn’t heard anything else from the company, so I looked into a different one and paid upfront for a guaranteed driver within a week. The very next day, a driver called me to say he was picking up my car. It’s been a month since my car has been dropped off, and I have yet to hear back from the previous company. They never called about another driver or even to check if I was still interested. I regret to say that Advanced Car Shipping’s service, customer service, and people are terrible. They need to treat their clients better or leave the industry because I won’t be recommending them to anyone.

    If only I had the choice to withhold stars altogether. The Jeep that was promised to be delivered before December hasn’t arrived yet! Despite receiving a call on the expected day of delivery and being informed that it would arrive on Sunday, December 2nd, at the latest on Monday, December 3rd, it’s now December 5th and I’m still without my vehicle. Despite trying to reach out to them several times, there has been no answer or response to my messages. While my husband did receive a call saying that it would arrive later this week, there was no specific date or location of the vehicle. At first, they were calling and sending emails incessantly, but now that they have my money and car, they are unresponsive. I’m now paying out of my pocket to travel to appointments and buy groceries via Uber, which is absurd. I urge you to look for another shipping company.

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