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A 1 Auto Transporter

1.0 Stars out of 5

Our group have north of 10 years in the Auto Transport industry, we is an accomplished, effective, and completely protected vehicle transport organization, so you know all of your vehicle shipment requirements will be dealt with in the most expert and secure way. We are one of the forerunners in the business. We have dependably delivered a wide assortment of vehicles the nation over and globally for both business and private clients.

Our administration incorporates an extensive counsel to assist with recognizing holes and potential open doors, a complete report that incorporates a task plan with timetables and achievements, an expense investigation, and a timetable. We likewise offer a set-up of value choices that will assist you with arriving rapidly and easily.

Our dependable cycle makes delivering a vehicle the nation over, or in any event, transporting a vehicle universally, a piece of cake.

1543 NW 119TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33167

USDOT#: 3526174
MC#: MC-1251973

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3 reviews

    Complete Fraud. I reached Kevin Washington of A 1 Auto Transporter to deliver my little girls vehicle from Willis Mi to Jacksonville NC. On 6/27/2019 I marked an agreement to get my little girls vehicle Willis Michigan and convey it to Jacksonville NC.The contract I marked was for $570.00 and I put a store of $70.00 dollars down leaving $500.00 due when the vehicle was conveyed. The vehicle was followed through on 07/05/2019 however the driver gathered $600.00 cash from my little girl. I attempted to contact by telephone and furthermore email however they never answer their telephone or messages. I thought back on my messages and seen that they sent an email affirming that the driver was charging $600.00 dollars and I attempted to call them again however no response, I sent them an email about the extra $100.00 dollars and asked while their going to discount the $100.00 back to me yet again no responses on the telephone or email. This organization could think often less who about honoring a marked agreement. Kindly assistance me in having the money in question returned of $100.00 I have every one of the messages and agreement to demonstrate my case. Much obliged to You, D.

    Changed agreement without assent. Misleaded and defrauded purchaser. I employed the organization to move my vehicle a Lexus 2017 RX350 from DC to Frisco TX on 07/22/2019. I talked with Kevin Washington, their Sales Rep. They promoted at the cost of $685.00. Subsequent to addressing the rep, they further scaled down the cost to $635.00 after a $50 markdown. I paid the $100.00 store. The vehicle was gotten July 25th. At the point when the vehicle should be followed through on July 28th, the organization requested $900.00 for the vehicle. I showed them the duplicate of the email. I addressed their rep, and she additionally counseled her director However, after consistent to and fro, they wouldn’t respect the first settled upon cost. Additionally, they compromised that except if I pay the full $900.00, the vehicle will be left with the towing organization and charged further $25.00 each day. I called the organization madly couple of times and was informed the administrator, Kevin Washington will call me. He won’t ever call. I called multiple times and one point my number was briefly obstructed. I called from one more number and addressed and she conceded that the agreement was modified. I really do have the email duplicate of the settled upon pace of $685 before the $50.00 concession was guaranteed by.

    Subsequent to having no plan of action, I needed to pay the full $900.00 to Auto carrier organization. I was informed A 1 Auto Transporter made $100 booking takes care of and the vehicle organization was guaranteed $800. So I needed to pay the sum and there would be no exemption despite the fact that I showed the duplicate of the email to the driver’s organization. This was an outright blackmail, corrupt and trick a client’s by an organization circumstance and offered outright no genuine support. I had other auto moving assistance accessible to me. In the wake of settling on a cost, how does an organization change the agreement? Likewise, on the off chance that this was a slip-up on their section, a director ought to have counseled me to comprehend and make sense of the issue. The organization didn’t make sense of the issue and kept both me and the driver organization in dull and disappeared in real life. I needed to accumulate practically half more than the first settled upon cost to pay the organization. This was an outright snap and trap circumstance where the client is kept prisoner after the vehicle was under their ownership.

    I booked a pickup in PA to pickup a Ford Excursion. Paid A 1 Auto Transporter the 100.00 store and multi month went by and no correspondence from them. I called them and they expressed they would attempt to get a pickup date soon. One more week went by and I dropped the pickup and proceeded to get it myself. Called to have the money in question returned and 3 individuals let me know they would get me discount since administration was rarely given. In agreement it expresses that no discount will be given assuming that you drop 7 days after a pickup date was given. Since no pickup date was given I ought to return any amount of money that is possible. This organization is a finished SCAM. Try not to give them any cash or have them offer any types of assistance. Talked with Kevin Washington the proprietor, Michelle, Rich and Avita. Avita was simply discourteous and is clearly a piece of this trick. We will look for legal advisors since it is more the rule then the actual cash. Try not to USE THIS COMPANY TO MOVE ANYTHING. Kevin Washington is a SCAM ARTIST! BEWARE!

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