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Rapid Car Ship

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3826121
MC#: MC-1386257

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4 reviews

    This so called company is nothing but a huge scam. I asked for a quote and got one for $900 so I agreed and paid the deposit. The next day he calls and says he quoted that off of last month’s gas prices so it would be $1300 and when I told him to refund my deposit he went and found one for $1100 I agreed only if he would put up the $150 deposit which would leave me paying $950. Today he calls and Says the drivers mom had died and now he has to find another truck and comes back with one for $1500 so I asked him to refund my deposit. Finally after 4 hours back and forth he agrees to pay back my deposit. He has till the end of the day to return it or my lawyer will be pressing g charges and filing a lawsuit against his bogus ass company. He even answered the phone and tried to prevent to be another agent.PLEAS DONT GIVE THEAS IDIOTS ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. ITS ALL A SCAM. The guy called himself Michael Garcia and then was Jason Garcia.

      This is exactly what happened to me, except his truck “broke down”. Then claims to be a driver and not the broker. I lost $400.

    Don’t trust. They gave me a quote which was about other quotes that I had received, promised to pick up on the certain date and got the deposit. Then never answered their phones, or texts, or emails. Finally told me that the driver is on their way to pick up my car and will contact me. Then again never answered till the next day and admitted that they did not have a driver and found another one who wants almost two times of the initial price and not in the date that we wanted. Asked them to cancel but refused to cancel and to refund my deposit. Please don’t waste your time, energy and money. They are not a real company, just some people who work together as different companies to trap you.
    Shipping from NY to AZ, asked for $1200 initially, changed to $2000

    If I could rate them a Zero I would! Bait and switch tactics. They quote you one price and then more than double it! Refused to refund me when I wouldn’t agree to the extreme upcharge. I did agree to the additional initial $50 upcharge and Paid it! – but then they wanted another $300 more – on an initial quote of $150! Told them I found someone else and the second upcharge was dropped to $150 – still $200 more than their initial quote! I used Zelle so I can’t dispute the charge. Only use credit cards with them so you can at least dispute the charge.

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