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WHL Logistics Trucking

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1 review

    They gave you a contract told us they will take 199 for deposit and took 215 not only that one day before drop off she sends a text not a call saying that we have to give 1150.00 after signing a contract that says that we have to give only 696.00. She never answer our calls and now we are stuck with a price we never agreed. She gave a different prince and contract to the drivers so we have 2 contracts with different numbers and the manager of the trucking company won’t gives us our car until we give them the full amount in their contract and Susan is missing not answering to our phone calls. This is 100% a fraud and illegal transaction done by the lady check Yelp there is more reviews about the company and that lady who gives 2 different contracts and who loves to commit fraud. She should be stop !!!

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