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1 review on “United Global Logistics”

    I recommend reading the reviews across the internet about this company! Better Business Bureau for example. The theme is the same. Terribly unethical and dishonest company. They quoted me $850 to ship my vehicle. They asked for $150 deposit in order to schedule transportation and they said the balance would be due upon delivery. They had a week to schedule a driver for the price they quoted and did not meet the terms of our contract. When they told me they were unable to ship my vehicle for the price they quoted I said that’s fine, just refund my money. They refused citing the pick up date was only an estimate. I asked when they would be able to pick up my vehicle for the price they quoted and they didn’t have a specific date. I asked how long was I supposed to wait to have my vehicle picked up, or to receive my refund. The manager was belligerent and tried to bully me into accepting the higher price or paying a cancellation fee. He refused to provide me a date my vehicle could be picked up for the price we agreed upon in the contract, or when a refund would be issued for their default on the contract. They knowingly commit fraud and unethical business practices by sending quotes they know they can’t meet then keeping your deposit. Most surprising is I still received an automated text today saying they could ship my vehicle for $750, $100 less than they already quoted me and already failed to deliver. They knowingly shot gun blast texts to potential customers with quotes they know they can’t meet, then keep your deposit if you fail to accept the new terms. Then they tried to bully me into pay a $200 cancellation fee. I told them I wasn’t cancelling, that I’m still waiting for their driver on the agreed upon price. I plan to file in small claims court as well as file with the better business bureau. I recommend anyone reading this to the same in order to protect other customers as well as put these guys out of business. They are knowingly unethical. Don’t send them any money. Don’t do business with them.

    by Scott
    on November 10, 2022 at 12:56 am


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