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Travelers Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3456341
MC#: MC-1126775

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3 reviews

    With 24 hours before my scheduled pickup, I received no response from Adam in dispatch who wanted to delay pickup 2 days later which is unacceptable. Paid a $250 deposit (with 5 days advance notice) which is contradictory to their website because Patrick ensured me that weekend pickup was typical AND he had 15 reservations for my route to Florida from Vegas.. When I asked about weekend pickup, his response was “what’s a weekend?!” but reality spoke and there was no pickup. Furthermore, dispatch not only didn’t answer but their voicemail box was full so I left a message at Patrick’s office and his cell phone that I was concerned. I wrote an email to cancel my request and request a refund if I didn’t hear back. They clearly don’t work on weekends and lied to get a deposit.

    Wasted my time and money in having to find another transport. Unreliable and untrustworthy!

    2/23/2023 update: I made a dispute to my credit card company and asked Adam to issue a refund for my $250 deposit which he agreed to in return for removing this review; however, after couple follow-up emails, I received no response. Wasting my time and effort but have to go through dispute process to get my deposit back.

    The follow-up communication is not existent with this company and the co-owner himself. I understand that weather can impact operations but the customer communications and response is very lacking.

    Worst experience dealing with any of the transportation companies. If I could give half a star I would. James made me believe that he was going to get my van picked up same day or next day. After 3 days of me calling him for updates he stopped answering my phone calls. It was over 10 days when I finally got someone to “say” they issued a refund and it still took me filing a dispute with PayPal to get my money back.
    They will tell you what you want to hear until they get your money.

    Where to start…After looking for a transport they contacted me.
    Took their bid not the cheapest but good salesman assured car was to be picked up by Wednesday. Signed contract for 1095 payed deposit 250 balance on delivery 845. Dozens of calls hundreds of $s in storge fees and over 2 weeks past pickup date told I would have to pay $1250 to get car moved I had no choice. Upon arrival had to pay 1385 to get car off truck. I was more than patient and understanding just wanted my 250 down payment back and they finally agreed to do that LOL never did. The cost to me for using these guys per contract $1095 actual $2125.00 (under 1000 mile job) Next stop Attorney General’s Office and BBB

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