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Spire Auto Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 4035544
MC#: MC-1525817

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1 review

    Spire auto shipping is a joke. I hired them to pick up a car for me. Gave them 2 weeks to scheduled the pick up. Rose 1 day before pick up sent me a picture of a transport on the side of the road with the tire laying on the ground. She told me the driver was broke down. Mobil tire service could fix in 1 hour. They lie to you, they don’t give you a direct answer to your questions. They just say things like we will have your car picked up ASAP. THEY WOULDN’T tell me if they where going to p.u. on the day scheduled. I kept asking them to give me a answer to my question. They quit responding to me. So I don’t know what’s going on.
    But I know I’m going to get someone else to do the job. This co. Is a joke and will waste your time. So if you want your car p.u. and delivered. Get someone else to get the job done.
    Because Spire wouldn’t get it done for you.
    Spire I see you respond on neg. Reviews……well don’t respond because it would be a lie to make you look better anyway.

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