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Prestige Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

4500 SW 112TH PL
MIAMI FL 33165


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21 reviews

    I am extremely disappointed as my car was never picked up by this company. Despite the failure to provide the service I paid for, they are now refusing to refund my deposit of $250.

    This company took my money and does not honor their delivery obligations. I have been waiting for my car to be delivered for over six weeks and during that time they have lied to me several times about the real location of the car. The car has not been delivered yet. I definitely would not recommend this company to anyone for shipping vehicles.

    I have had a terrible experience with this company, as it has turned out to be a complete fraud. Not only did they collect a $150 deposit from me, but they also failed to have a carrier contact me to schedule the pick-up of my vehicle. When I reached out to my booking representative, Leo Salazar, he abruptly hung up the call. To make matters worse, when I contacted the company’s 800 number, I was informed that Leo had stopped working for the company two weeks ago. I strongly advise against booking with this company, as it has proven to be unreliable and dishonest.

    Zach eagerly reached out to me via text message, hoping to engage me in conversation and provide a quote. However, a day later, I was shocked to find that the price had spiked by nearly 50%. His explanation for this sudden increase was attributed to high fuel prices, yet he couldn’t specify the exact extent of the increase. Surprisingly, the reality was that national fuel prices had actually decreased slightly during that period. Frustrated with his response, I decided not to avail of their service.

    Not only did Zach fail to promptly release the transport job from the broker’s system, which would have allowed other drivers to take action, but he also exhibited delay tactics. This further prolonged the process of getting my vehicle picked up by the company I ultimately went with. In stark contrast, the company I chose to work with was transparent, honest, and pleasant throughout the entire experience.

    Additionally, it is worth noting that Zach’s company claimed to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, to my surprise, I discovered that their accreditation had lapsed, contradicting their advertised claims.

    I will never use this company again. Despite claiming to be available 24/7 on Google, their website clearly states that they are closed on Sundays. This inconsistency is already a red flag. Furthermore, they delivered my vehicle in Iowa yesterday, but today the driver has not yet delivered it to me. The person I have been dealing with, Vivian, has been extremely unhelpful. Despite my numerous calls, texts, and voicemails, she doesn’t seem to care about my concerns. I can’t help but wonder if she would feel frustrated if she were in my position, not knowing anything about her own vehicle being transported. Additionally, I specifically asked Vivian for the driver’s phone number, but she still hasn’t provided it to me. It seems like the driver is also taking their sweet time, as indicated by a text message from Vivian on May 23, 2020. Overall, I am highly dissatisfied with this company and will not be using their services again.

    Contracted Prestige for car transport from Deltona, Florida to New York. They outsourced the job to Nexttran. However, they caused a delay of two days for pick up. After waiting for eight days in New York, the driver continued to lie about the car’s arrival, and communication became frustrating. I reached out to Riley at Prestige, who initially seemed interested but became unresponsive once they had my business. Multiple calls to Prestige’s customer service proved unhelpful as they interrupted me and showed no interest in resolving my issue. Furthermore, the driver informed me that he couldn’t deliver the car and I had to collect it myself. In conclusion, this company lacks professionalism, fails to fulfill customer commitments, and provides terrible customer service. Shame on you!

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This company engages in unethical business practices and displays completely unprofessional behavior.

    When you’re entrusting something valuable and expensive to be shipped safely, it’s crucial to have confidence in the people handling the job. Initially, I had a good impression of this company. However, my confidence quickly dwindled when they quoted me one fee but charged me another (my mistake for not thoroughly reviewing the invoice). Additionally, two days after the transaction, the seller had not even been contacted, which raised more concerns for me.

    When I called Prestige to express my loss of confidence and threatened to cancel the transaction, I was transferred to Maryann after speaking with Riley, who abruptly hung up on me. My repeated attempts to call were met with immediate hang-ups until, on the fourth or so try, I was shouted at to “clear the line.” This kind of unprofessional behavior from a supposedly reputable business towards a customer who had already paid in good faith is simply unacceptable.

    Unfortunately, my experience with Prestige Auto Transport has been extremely negative. I urge you to choose your transport broker more wisely than I did. Look elsewhere for better options.

    I’m extremely dissatisfied with this incompetent business. Earlier this year, I entrusted them with shipping my car, and it turned out to be the most dreadful service I have ever encountered. Despite being promised a 4 to 5-day delivery timeframe, it took them several weeks to finally deliver my car. Every time I attempted to follow up, it was a tedious and convoluted process. I was constantly transferred from one agent to another, and each time I was given false reassurances that my car would arrive the next day. It was an incredibly frustrating experience. When my car did eventually arrive, it was riddled with numerous bumps and scratches. A few months ago, I posted a review detailing my dissatisfaction, and I received a plea from Riley, asking me to take it down in exchange for a $100 refund. Feeling the financial burden of renting cars due to the delay, I agreed. However, I never received the refund, and Riley disappeared without a trace. To summarize, this company only exacerbates the already stressful experience of moving from state to state. I strongly advise against doing business with them. Furthermore, I’m now being bombarded with incessant text messages, phone calls, and emails less than an hour after posting my review.

    Wow. It’s unfortunate that this company engages in such deceptive practices, leaving customers feeling frustrated and mistreated. Diego Baron, in particular, seems to exhibit unprofessional behavior by resorting to name-calling and harassment. It is indeed concerning that this company continues to operate despite these issues. I strongly advise others to avoid doing business with them, especially considering the numerous negative reviews regarding Diego Baron.

    From the beginning to the end, this whole experience was incredibly frustrating.

    It all started with a call from Riley Wells from Prestige Auto Transport, who assured me that the quote for the service was a flat $350 with no hidden fees or surprises. She promised to get back to me within two hours regarding the pick-up time.

    However, 24 hours went by with no word from Riley, so I decided to reach out to her. She apologized for not calling and guaranteed that she would contact me within two hours.

    To my dismay, three days went by before I finally received a call from Riley at 8:30 in the morning. She informed me that a truck was on its way and would arrive in no more than 45 minutes. Along with this call, she emailed me a contract, but to my shock, the price had jumped up to $500, a $150 increase from the original quote. Refusing to sign the contract, I informed Riley that I would find another company since I had received an offer for $400. Instead of understanding my decision, Riley became defensive, claiming that I wouldn’t find a better offer and insisting that all companies monitor the same system. She even asked me for the other company’s number so she could confront them.

    Fed up with the situation, I ended the call. However, Riley proceeded to text me, offering a reduced price of $450, which I still rejected. Shortly after, she called me again, now lowering the price to $425, but I remained firm in my decision. In disbelief, Riley scoffed at me, asking if I was willing to miss out on their service over just $25.

    Then, I received a call from another number with an offer of $400, and I could hear Riley in the background confirming the new price. Reluctantly, I accepted the offer and paid a $50 deposit. I specifically asked if I could use the same payment method for the remaining $350, and Riley assured me that I would not be billed until the vehicle was delivered.

    However, 24 hours later, when the vehicle arrived at its destination, the driver insisted on receiving payment in cash or check. Frustrated, I called Riley again, and she suggested I use CashApp or have someone deliver the money in person. Fortunately, I managed to reach an agreement with the driver to send him a money order for the remaining amount, even though it was not his responsibility to accommodate me in this way.

    In conclusion, my experience with Prestige Auto Transport, particularly with their representative Riley Wells, was extremely unpleasant. The bait-and-switch tactic, the misinformation about payment, and the overall lack of professionalism in handling my transport logistics left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    EDIT: Shortly after writing this review, I received a call from Riley, who asked me to remove my review in exchange for a $50 credit. I declined her offer, to which she replied, “Well, I believe in karma.”

    This entire company is a complete joke.

    Update: After sharing my initial review, Riley Wells from Prestige Auto reached out to me again via email. Instead of addressing my concerns, she proceeded to accuse me of lying and saying that I “need a hobby” and “obviously have no life.” This further solidifies my decision to stay away from this company.

    Earlier, I had been searching for vehicle transport services and had been in contact with a broker who was in the process of finding a driver for me. Unexpectedly, I received an email from Riley Wells at Prestige Auto. She informed me that the broker had listed my vehicle on a national load board, but she doubted they would be able to find me a driver within the promised time frame and at the agreed-upon price. She suggested that I consider using Prestige Auto instead.

    I discussed this matter with my original broker, and they couldn’t deny what Riley had told me. Consequently, I decided to cancel my booking with them.

    After that, I reached out to Riley, inquiring about price quotes for Prestige Auto, while also contacting a second broker I was considering. After conducting thorough research and speaking to other people, I determined that my alternative choice was the better option, so I chose to book with them.

    Immediately after making that decision and finalizing my booking with the other company, I received another email from Riley Wells at Prestige Auto. This time, she informed me that they had to cancel the drivers they had previously arranged for me, even though I had only asked for a quote. She claimed that the driver considered me a “dry run,” implying that I was not a serious customer. Furthermore, she advised me to “PICK ONE REPUTABLE COMPANY!” and criticized my choice, stating that I was paying too much with the company I had selected.

    Given Riley Wells’ treatment of potential customers, I am relieved that I decided not to do business with Prestige Auto. I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere for vehicle transport services before considering dealing with her or her company.

    I reached out to Perstige to arrange the shipment of my motorcycle from LA to Denver. Initially, Riley quoted me a price of $540. However, Julia from the same company later emailed me with a quote of $700. Confused about the significant increase, I replied to Julia’s email asking for an explanation. Unfortunately, she failed to respond to my inquiry.

    In addition to questioning the price change, I informed Prestige that I required the motorcycle to be picked up before the 31st and delivered no later than the 4th. Riley assured me that she would make it happen and promised to provide me with the driver’s details either later that day or the following morning. Regrettably, I never received the promised call from Riley.

    To my surprise, another company that had provided me with a quote contacted me, claiming that they had found a driver for me, but I had already booked with Prestige for $700. I clarified that I had received two different quotes, one from Prestige and the other from the company calling me. They informed me that Prestige intended to charge me $700 and pay the driver only $500.

    Subsequently, Riley called me back, but her demeanor was incredibly rude. She demanded an explanation for why I had booked with two different companies. I explained that I had merely obtained quotes from both companies and intended to choose whoever offered the best price and called me back first. Nevertheless, Riley continued to speak over me and display a lack of professionalism. Frustrated with the conversation, I decided I would not do business with her and ended the call.

    It became apparent to me that Prestige is not a company that owns its own trucks. Instead, they function as a broker and post transportation requests on trucker forums, allowing truckers to bid on the jobs. Additionally, the driver they had intended to pair me with had no prior experience working with their company, and it would be his first time transporting a motorcycle. Faced with these concerning factors, I made the decision to fly to LA, rent a truck, and transport the motorcycle to Denver myself.

    It is important to note that I never signed or agreed to any contract with Prestige or any other company involved. I strongly recommend thoroughly researching and evaluating your options when it comes to vehicle transportation to avoid encountering similar issues.

    I had an absolutely terrible experience with this company. After accepting a quote via email, I was shocked to receive an invoice for almost double the initial cost. When I questioned this, I was told that the quote didn’t matter and that the actual delivery cost was much higher. Despite feeling deceived, I reluctantly proceeded with the shipment. However, my frustration continued when I was given specific dates for pick up and delivery, causing me to arrange for people to take days off work. To my dismay, I received an email from Prestige (who turned out to be just a broker) with the actual delivery schedule from the real shipping company, and the dates I had been given were completely incorrect. I received no satisfactory explanation as to why I was given false information.

    Riley, the representative I dealt with, initially told me everything I wanted to hear in order to secure their “fuel surcharge,” but once that was done, communication became almost nonexistent. It was clear that once they had their cut, they couldn’t care less about providing good customer service. I strongly advise others to avoid this painful experience and seek out actual shipping companies instead.

    Riley, please be upfront with your customers next time. This entire situation could have been avoided if there had been honesty and good customer service. Unfortunately, you performed very poorly during our transaction.

    I am extremely frustrated with this company. I have been patiently waiting for my vehicle to be shipped from Tacoma, Washington to Louisiana, with a guaranteed delivery date of October 11th. However, despite the promised deadline, I still do not have my vehicle. What’s worse is that I was not informed of any delays until the scheduled day of delivery. To make matters even more frustrating, they claimed to have “found” another carrier, but that carrier either canceled or experienced a breakdown with their truck. Throughout this ordeal, I have been working with both John and David, and I must say that I have lost all confidence in this company and its employees. It has reached a point where I am considering flying to Washington and driving my vehicle back myself. This company is nothing short of a joke.

    Prestige Auto Transport has demonstrated unethical behavior and dishonesty in their dealings with me. Despite providing them with more than 48 hours’ notice, they have refused to issue me a refund for canceling my car transportation. I had contacted Riley, a representative of the company, on January 31st to inform her of the cancellation, well in advance of the scheduled pick-up date on February 8th. According to their own contract, no cancellation fee should be charged if notice is given within the 48-hour window prior to pick-up. However, Riley insistently claimed that the money had already been given to the driver and shifted the responsibility onto him, disregarding my requests for further assistance. I had even requested a call back from the driver, but my efforts were met with silence. This lack of accountability and poor customer service highlight Prestige Auto Transport’s disregard for their customers and their failure to keep their promises.

    Diego Baron and Prestige are the worst! He kept me in the dark day by day I was moving a 2004 Dale Earnhardt JR Monte Carlo, (my infant) that I have claimed since new, and two fly skis on a trailer Not a simple assignment to move fly skis on a custom trailer that is Exactly 96″ wide. Finally David found a transporter who happened to live in my equivalent main residence of Stuart Florida, was dispatched slowly and wasn’t on time precisely when guaranteed The driver was drunk and was driving a fresh out of the plastic new Ford F350 bluntly and pulling a 41 foot open Hot Shot trailer outfitted with a winch. The driver drove my Monte onto the trailer at that point snared skis to the link for the winch and pulled them straight up with an inch to save on each side. Freight touched base at my Son’s home in NC finally and wasn’t conveyed when guaranteed F You Prestige Auto. Presently I need to call any other individual for vehicle moves. Irritable and by the manner in which I spared $700 from a past statement from another representative saying ONLY HE could mess up this job!

    First time moving a vehicle. Diego Baron made this experience complicated. Disappeared and remained out of contact with me as things advanced for get. Vehicle got and conveyed with so many issues. In advance estimating and shrouded charges. Wouldn’t utilize ever again.

    Diego Baron at Prestige called me when I posted my auto. He wasn’t receptive to any of my inquiries. He stole my money. Would never use again! NOT Reccommend

    Without a doubt, I highly recommend choosing a different company. While Prestige offered the option to have my vehicle picked up on the specified day and delivered promptly from FL to WA at the best price in the market, their communication and customer service were completely lacking.

    I lost 5 days trying to work with them on transporting a car; they do not keep their word and basically it’s a bait and switch. Last Thursday, I spoke to Maryanne at Prestige Auto Transport (5 days ago) about shipping a car from Virginia to California. She gave me a quote and said she would get back to me by the next day (Friday) with the date the car would be picked up. She didn’t call me back Friday. I finally got her yesterday, Monday, and she said she would call me back by the end of the day. She didn’t. So today I called her and asked when the car would be picked up and she promised she would call me within the hour. Get this: she didn’t call me back again. I cannot believe that people would conduct their business this way. Especially in a service where timing is a critical factor. I suggest not trusting this company or doing business with them.

    If you are looking for a reliable vehicle company, look anywhere else. Unfortunately, my experience with Diego Baron, who was dishonest and only offered me a good price initially, was a disappointment as he did not follow through till the end. Therefore, I cannot recommend Prestige to anyone in need of vehicle shipping services.

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