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PG Daniel Inc. Auto Transport

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3 reviews

    P G Daniel picked up my car in Massachusetts. I had to drive to a old KMart parking lot to meet their truck. I’ve been shipping cars yearly to Florida and back. Trucks come to my street. Not P G Daniels. First thing when I dropped the car off Grace asked me to open the trunk. Sees clothes and household items and hits me up for $175 for extra weight. Never mentioned it in previous phone calls. Seems like a pre practiced scam. Too late for me to remove items. When the car was delivered to Florida they parked one and a half miles away and told to me come get the car. They claimed their truck was too big to come to my street. Told them to drive the car to me and I’d drive them back to their truck. Told me they were not allowed to drive a customer’s car. A lie. For the last five years trucks come to my street to pick-up/deliver my vehicles. I’m 70 and handicaped. I had to pay for an uber. Avoid P G Daniel auto transport, Grace and her husband.

    I had my car shipped from Rhode Island back to my home in Georgia on May 11, 2022. I had not returned home and my husband was at work so I arranged for my car to be dropped off to my friend. When my husband arrived home he saw that my car antenna was missing and that there were new scratches on my car. I called to report both. Grace, the owner, left me a VM and I returned her call. She informed me that my car antenna was left in my car in the door pocket on the driver’s side. While I had her on the phone, I went out to my car to check. At first I didn’t see it so I asked her again where it was just to make sure that I heard her correctly. She repeated that it was in the door pocket on the driver’s side and also added, sarcastically, that ” You only have one driver’s side door pocket”. I responded to her that there was no need for sarcasm and that I had other items in my door pocket and did not see the antenna immediately so I was just asking again for clarification. She impatiently asked me if I had found it. I told her that I was still looking. When I found it, I told her I had. To this she responded: ” Was that so hard?” I told her that I was not an idiot and there was no need for her to get smart with me. Furthermore, it was not communicated to either me or my friend that my car antenna, which is supposed to be on the outside of my car, was going to be placed on the inside of car. All I know is that when my car was loaded on the truck for transport my antenna was still on it ( I have the picture to prove it). I went on to tell Grace that had I known that my antenna was going to be removed, I would not have called about it. I also asked her what would she have done if an external part of her car was missing and noone told her that it would be placed on the inside of her car? She continued to insult my intelligence by asking me, again: ” Was this so difficult?” To which I responded to her, AGAIN, that I was not an idiot and there was no need to talk to me as if I were. She started to chuckle as if she were getting some pleasure out of insulting a customer. I hung up on her before I even got a chance to address the new scratches that I discovered on my car. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PG DANIEL, INC. AUTO TRANSPORT. They are one of the companies that Road Runner transport outsources too. If you arrange to have your car shipped with Road Runner, please, please, please make sure that they will not be using PG Daniel,, INC Auto Transport to ship your car. If they are, DON’T DO IT!!!

    Absolutly horrible experience. They went to a dealership to pick up my car, and Grace called me and said the car was out of gas. She said she asked for help from the service department but was turned away. She said for $100 she could put gas in it for me. I told her to hang on while I called the dealership, and called my salesman. He went out to them with the intent to help them, and offered to go get gas at the station across the street. He was told by the driver to get out of the way, and the driver drove out of the dealership. My salesman said the car had at least 1/4 of a tank of gas in it. He also went to the service dept. and asked around if anyone was approached by them, and turns out nobody came in to ask for help. On top of that, they went to move the car back in to where it was parked, and could not find the keys.
    I find these two people of P.G. Daniel to be unprofessional and dishonest, so everyone who reads this please be aware.

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