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PDQ Auto Movers

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USDOT#: 2239722
MC#: MC-610409

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1 review

    In the event that you are considering going with PDQ Auto Movers since they vow to deliver your vehicle quicker than their rivals, an expression of caution for you: Don’t.

    Ends up, they don’t deliver any quicker; they simply have a specific solace level with misrepresentations.

    My booked get was for July 18 with conveyance by July 27. Regardless, my vehicle was really followed through on Friday, August 7.

    Whenever I called to get some information about the deferral, I was told “dislike a pizza.”

    Right, since pizzas conveyance accompanies a specific degree of responsibility.

    They did supportively propose to allow me to pay two or three hundred dollars more to get my vehicle conveyed by the date initially guaranteed in my agreement.

    Whenever I asked where in the country my vehicle turned out to be situated around then, I was informed the driver wasn’t exactly noting his texts and I was free to attempt him myself to check whether I would be advised to karma. Gathering is awful in the center of the country. It makes sense to me. In any, after several days they actually didn’t have the foggiest idea where my vehicle was.

    Whenever my vehicle at last showed up, it was fourteen days after the fact than the most dire outcome imaginable conveyance gauge. Some way or another the radio wire had been snapped off the rooftop (despite the fact that those things screw on and off). Furthermore, prior to consenting to give up the keys to my vehicle, the driver (from Pro Logistic Transport) made me sign a structure showing that when he claimed the vehicle at first it had been “shrouded in an excessive number of marks to try and rundown on this structure.”

    Um. Misleading.

    Is there an audit choice short of what one star? What number of stars is it fitting to give an organization that you nearly answered to the police for fabulous burglary auto?

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